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ConceptDraw MindMap 8 Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

Before starting any large project, planning is very much necessary. When you will do that, so many ideas can come to your mind. So you have to arrange those ideas into one place. Otherwise, the ideas, as well as your whole plan, cannot be executed properly. For this reason, you may need to use the ConceptDraw MindMap.

Review of ConceptDraw MindMap 8

You may have heard the name of the Odessa Corporation. This company actually offers so many tools for designing and planning. This one is for planning and presentation of that planning. Let’s have a look what it offers.

Various Input Options

Actually, the data can be included in the maps in various ways and the data can be of various types. So you have to consider how the ConceptDraw MindMap will let you integrate those to your map. The data can be simple search results or online resources. This software will help you to add those very easily. With just one click you will be able to integrate the task list or Gantt charts. The important thing is the resources from on document can be used in another one. No matter you have the information stored in MS Office or Excel, this software can also consider those as data. That means you can easily import those to the map.

Easy Presentation Creation

Another huge facility of the MindMap is will let you create a beautiful presentation on your plan. When you will complete your organization of the ideas and plans, you can create the slideshow of that. For doing so, only one mouse click is enough. It is not essential to use only one slideshow for one map. In the same map, you can integrate multiple numbers of presentation files. On the other hand, all the people do not love the same presentation all the times. So when you will think your planning is ready, you have to create different types of slideshows. The ConceptDraw MindMap will let you do that nicely. That means you will be able to make the audiences satisfied.

Supports Multiple Outputs

For the tools like MindMap, supported output formats are very much needed to be considered. The ConceptDraw Pro and Project are other tools of the Odessa Corporation. You can export your plan to those tools also. The popular MS apps like the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint etc. can be considered as the output of this product. That means you can make documents and slideshows with the help of MindMap. The price of this software is $199 as of 7 June 2015. This price is not high at all because this product can be used for various other things. For example, you can create task lists with just one clink. Similarly, it will also help you to write the articles and make the communication status.

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PageWiz Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

If you want to make your website more professional and friendly then you can add landing pages there. With the help of landing pages, you can increase the conversion rate in very short time. Though there are various tools or plugins which can help you to create the landing pages.

PageWiz Review

The PageWiz can be recommended to your without doubts. It will offer you various templates to create several types of high converting landing pages. Some of the main features of it are:

Stunning Page Creation

Various types of high converting landing pages can be created by the offered templates with PageWiz. Click-through pages can be made with the help of it. So you can create the payment or donation page with ease. You can also make the download pages by using the Click-Through Page template. To increase the conversion rate, videos are very important. If you provide a video instead of text then that will attract the visitors more. Most importantly they will spend more time on your site. Video Landing Page Template will help you to create such page where you can share videos. Another considerable thing is to make the pages accessible for all types of devices. That is why you can take help from the Mobile Landing Page Template of PageWiz. Various other types of templates can be used for generating more leads in quick time.

All Necessary Design Tools

Drag and drop functionality is the most important thing for editing and designing the landing pages. You will have that with the PageWiz. You can move the page contents among the targeted page without problems. Publishing the pages are also very much easy. With a few mouse clicks, you can publish the pages. Another very important thing is to check the statistical data about the conversion rate. If you have the PageWiz then you can check that any time with the real-time statistical tools.

Use Various Widgets

Embedding widgets will do multiple tasks for you. That will increase the page content and also the visitors will be attracted more. PageWiz will allow you to include various widgets to your landing pages. You can integrate the YouTube, Google Map and Facebook etc. using respective widgets. With the help of the API, you can increase the software functionality very easily. Another great advantage is you can handle various client account from your single account. Among various accounts, you can choose the Enterprise-A plan which is for 250 thousand visitors. It will let you create unlimited landing pages. According to 19 February 2015, the price of this plan is only 399 USD/month. If your target is a small number of visitors then you can choose the Basic Plan. It is for only 5 thousand visitors and 2 different landing pages. Its monthly price is only 29 USD.

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Gilisoft USB Encryption Pricing: Get a Cool Review

There should not be any doubt that the USB flash drives are the most popular external drives. Due to the small size of these, people love to share files and data using these storages. It is very important to secure this type of disk with strong protection solution. USB Stick Encryption of Gilisoft can be a great choice for this purpose.

Review on Gilisoft USB Encryption

Actually, the brand of this product is very much reliable. A huge number of computer users are using the products of Gilisoft with complete satisfaction. So you can choose any of the products of this company without tension. The USB Encryption of this brand has come with a large number of features and affordable price. After reading this review, you will be able to understand why this software is well ahead than other similar products.

Strong Protection Facilities

Even if you lose your USB drives, you can protect your data from others with the help of Gilisoft USB Encryption. It actually helps to make the drive completely password protected. Not only the USB drives but also all the external disks can be protected by this product. It is very important to consider what types of data it can protect. It actually has no problem to secure all types of files and data. So you can store very sensitive data to your disk now. If your computer supports an external drive, you can be sure that the USB Encryption is compatible with that. That means you can secure the memory cards, pen drives and thumb drives etc. very efficiently.

Divide Your Disks

From the above discussion, you may have got the idea that USB Encryption can lock the entire external disk. Your idea is correct but this product also has another advanced feature. Inside any USB drive, it can create a partition with ease. You can make one partition as Public and the other one as Secured. The operation time of this software will amaze you. In just seconds, it can make an ordinary disk into a protected one.

Free from Data Loss

The data that you will store in your protected disk won’t be lost again if you have Gilisoft USB Encryption. Nobody will be able to access the protected files and copy or delete that by any means. According to 15 April 2015, the price of this strong protection tool is only $49.95. Once you purchase the license, you will get lifetime upgrades for the latest version of this. The user interface of USB Encryption is very much friendly. So you will be able to deal with it without problems. No complexity presents in the installation and running processes of this software. Important thing is, this product is compatible with all the versions of Windows operating system.

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