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TurboCAD Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

Nowadays various types of software programs have made our life very much easier. Unthinkable things can be done easily with a simple software. For providing a huge number of items, several companies have been formed. TurboCAD is a popular brand in this field and it offers so many tools. All its products are directly related to the computer-aided drawing or CAD.

TurboCAD Review

Some of these are for Windows platform and some are for Macintosh. From this small post, you will be able to know some main items offered under the banner of this brand.

Pro Platinum 2015 Edition

Are you looking for top quality computer-aided drawing software which can deal with both 2D and 3D drawings? If your answer is yes then you can rely on the TurboCAD Pro Platinum 2015. This is an amazing 2D/3D CAD software for the Windows PCs. First of all, let’s consider the Pro features of this product. The performance of this tool should be considered first. It can deal with 64-bit environment perfectly. For some conditions, it can also work in the 32-bit system. No matter what is the size of the render file size, it is suitable for working with almost all of those. Another reason for the amazing performance of this software is it can take the advantages of the graphics card nicely. Pro Platinum edition of the TurboCAD has sets of all the necessary drawing tools. Various types of modeling and editing tools have also been added here. A huge number of Platinum features have made this software more powerful. It has the mechanical and modification tools. For the surface modelling, these are very much important. Importantly this product is helpful for the 3D printing. The Annual Subscription fee for this one is only $399. You can also get the full version of it by $1,495.

Easy to Use Deluxe Version

Everybody does not need highly powerful and professional quality. Many people look for such solution which is affordable as well as decent in performance. For them, the TurboCAD Deluxe edition will be suitable. According to 22 June 2015, the price of this product is only $129.99. Customizable UI is one of the best advantages of this solution. Various necessary mechanical, architectural, editing and modeling tools have been inserted in this software. That is why it can be used for small diagram drawing as well as large building designing.

TurboCAD Mac Pro v8

This Macintosh CAD software has very high context sensitivity. It has the ability show the same drawing in various views. The drawing wizard of it will impress you a lot. You can easily set the paper size, scale, and various other units. This TurboCAD product can be purchased for $499.99 only. It actually offers all the 3D architectural and 2D drafting tools. So it can be said that the price it is not very high compare to the features.

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WPtouch Pricing: Get a Cool Review

It is not so difficult to create mobile-friendly WordPress sites. But it is not very easy to provide perfectness to those without the help of complete mobile solution. So you have to find a complete mobile solution.

WPtouch Review

The WPtouch can be recommended to you because of its awesomeness. You can use this product just as a normal plugin but the features of it will impress you. It will also provide you some amazing extensions and themes. Some main features of WPtouch are:

Customize with Ease

You don’t have to face any problem to use this plugin. With the help of themes of it, you can create amazing websites. To provide more facilities to the visitors, you can use different extensions. With almost all the themes of the WordPress sites, this product is compatible. For the setting up this product, you will be able to use the easy control panel. All the contents cannot be perfect for the mobile sites. This mobile solution will let you add the mobile-friendly contents to the targeted sites. It will let the visitors use your website like a normal web app.

Completely SEO Friendly

The quickness and the contents are very important for the search engine optimization of any site. This product obviously makes the website faster by choosing the effective contents. The CSS based user interface is also another reason for what it can make the websites faster. So you will be one step ahead of the optimization. Another thing is the theme. Each of the themes is perfect for the dealing with the mobile visitors. So you will get a huge advantage for the optimization from the WPtouch. Even it is more effective than the responsive WordPress themes.

Four Amazing Pricing Plans

We have told that the WPtouch has some amazing themes and extensions. If you choose the Single Pack then you will be able to use only few cloud extensions. This pack does not contain the important E-commerce tools. Only the Basic themes have been included in this pack. But for the single website, this pack is perfect. It can be purchased by 59 USD only. The 5 Pack is more important and it can be purchased by $99. With all the features of the Single pack, this one offers some other extensions like the Infinity Cache and Multi-Ads.

This pack is for creating the business mobile sites because it offers the Open Theme. With the help of this, you can create 5 different WordPress sites. The Agency and Enterprise plans of WPtouch support all the advanced extensions and themes. But the main difference is the Agency is for 30 different sites and the other one is for unlimited sites. When this review was written, the prices of these two packs were $199 and $349 respectively.

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HostGator Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

One of the most important thing for any hosting providing company is the reliability. You must have chosen reliable one to host your website. I can recommend you the products of HostGator and especially the VPS of this provider. But it is important to explain why it can be chosen, as there are many providers to offer similar services. Let’s discuss why you can purchase this instead of the others.

HostGator Review

Adding hundreds of features is not the only important thing. A better option is to add those which are most needed. HostGator has done that thing actually. Full root access is one of the best features of the VPS of this company. For this feature, you can easily install the necessary software to your server. It will also help you customize those perfectly.

Features You Need Most

This company offers very much efficient hardware facilities to the customers. You can get very powerful hardware like 32 core processor and 3.6TB storage. You cannot overlook the customer service provided by the hosting providers. HostGator support team will let you communicate with them anytime through a mobile phone, chatting and emails. Not only the fully managed servers but also semi-managed servers are offered by this provider. You just pick the right one for you.

Very Many Attractive Plans

Like all the other products, HostGator VPS is available with different plans. Snappy 500 is the lightest of them all. It offers only 512MB RAM and 2 IP addresses to the customers. The sizes of the disk space and bandwidth of this plan are respectively 25GB and 500GB. For purchasing this one, you have to pay $11.99/month. Snappy 1000is another plan of VPS with 1GB RAM and 2IPs. 60GB storage and 1TB bandwidth have made this an effective one. As of 26 April 2015, the price of this plan is only $33.97/month. There are other plans for the Virtual Private Servers of HostGator. Among them, Snappy 8000 is the most powerful one. It will let you use 3TB bandwidth and 2450GB disk space. 8GB RAM and 4 core CPU are the other advantages of it. If you want to buy this, you have to pay first term fee of $99.97/month only.

Necessary Tech Specifications

Linux powered VPS hosting service is offered by so many companies. Each of those products is not available with the same technical specifications. In the case of that of the HostGator, you will be impressed a lot. No matter which plan of it will be chosen, you will enjoy some amazing things. For example, you will be able to use this product for an unlimited number of domains and subdomains. The offsite backup system for this is also very much effective. Very powerful spam protection is another advantage of the VPS of HostGator. For this facility, the dangerous contents won’t be able to reach your inbox by any means.

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Chat Mapper Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

Nowadays software can do amazing things which cannot be done manually without problems. There a huge number of software developers and companies that sell these products. But you have to be careful while choosing anyone for your personal tasks. Some tools are there which can be used for many professional tasks also.

Chat Mapper Review

Chat Mapper is a very good example of such thing. This is actually a dialogue editor which can be used by the game developers, researchers, authors and other professionals. Let’s have a look why it can be recommended to you.

Design and Visualization

The design of this tool will impress you a lot because that is completely user-friendly. You can complete your editing tasks by using different options available to the interface. Tree graph is very much effective for displaying those non-linear dialogues which are very complex. Chat mapper has the capability to work with both the trees and sub-trees. It uses the group nodes, project and conversion link to do so. Conversation simulator is another great advantage of this tool. When you will be in the middle of creating large conversation, you may need to watch your progress. If you have the Chat Mapper, you can do that with ease. Detecting the Lua script errors are very much important. With the help of the built-in conversation simulator, you can check those faults perfectly. Another good thing is, you can save the simulator states finely. Whenever you need, you can get back to the previous state of the simulation.

Screenplay Generator & Tools

Sometimes you may need to make the screenplay documents for the voice actors. That is why this tool has built-in screenplay generator. Microsoft Word is the most popular editor. The scripts created by the Chat Mapper can be exported to this editor and the other popular editors. This tool is very much effective for exporting the data into different formats like XML, PDF, and JSON etc. Powerful reviewer tools have been added to the Chat Mapper. By using those, you will be able to make your conversation protected and not for editing.

Pricing of Chat Mapper

A Free Edition and three paid editions are available for the Chat Mapper. Indie Editor is one of the paid ones and it is available only for $65. When this review was written, the price of the Commercial Plan is $495. You can also use the Publisher pack which is more powerful. With the Indie Editor plan, income restriction of $100k is applied. Whereas, the other two paid plans have no such restriction. With the Commercial plan screenplay output facility and command line tools have been included. In the Publisher Plan, you will get more features. Unity3D, HTML5, and eLearning players have been added. That means this one can be considered only for professionals.


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SlickRemix Pricing: Get a Cool Review

Many companies are providing a common type of plugins for WordPress and other CMSs. But the SlickRemix is such one which offers some very useful ones. For maintaining the projects, social feeds, and design tasks, you can rely on the products of this company.

SlickRemix Review

Though there are so many tools offered by them, we have discussed a few in this short review. The support team is very friendly. So you can choose any of the followings without hesitation.

DAS Premium Extension

This is one of the most innovative creations of the SlickRemix brand. Here DAS means design approval system which is very much important for various projects. With the help of this system, you will be able to send the designs to the clients for their approval. The DAS Premium Extension will helpful plugin for this system. It will let you find out the archived projects very easily. It can be used not only for archiving but also for unarchiving the projects very easily. Branding of the DAS cane done by this amazing tool of SlickRemix. The designs can be integrated with the WooCommerce products so that the clients become eager to get your products. Media uploading facility is one of the best features of this product. Price of the 1 Site license of this one is only $100. Those for the 5 and 25 sites are respectively $200 and $300 as par 15 June 2015. For any of these plans, you will get top class support for one year.

BaseCamp Feed Plugin

Undoubtedly this product of the SlickRemix will make your BaseCamp life easier. You may know that the BaseCamp is one of the most popular project management software. There can be various works done with the help of this software. The completed task and not yet completed task lists can be shown by the help of BaseCamp Feed Extension. You can also show the calendar lists with the help of this plugin. The important thing is it can deal with an unlimited number of to-do lists and calendar lists. For both types of lists, you can use various types of fonts with amazing colors, sizes, and styles. A single site license of this product can be purchased by $20 only. 5 site and 25 site licenses are available for $40 and $80 respectively.

Feed Them Social Bar

SlickRemix has offered this useful plugin only for $25. This price is for a single site. For 5 and 25 sites, you have to pay $50 and $100 only. If you want to see all the newsfeed of your social media with more comfort, you can choose this one. It has the capability to show the social media feed to the top of any website. It is available with multi-color option and retina ready icons. You can re-specify the size of the feed width. It can deal with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media. Considering all the powerful feature, it can be said that this plugin for SlickRemix is very much affordable.

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Osiaffiliate Review: Get a Cool Pricing

Osiaffiliate is the product of the famous OmniStar group. You will need some impressive tools for your affiliate programs. This one can be considered as a complete solution for this purpose. This will make your business easier than ever.

Osiaffiliate Review

It is not difficult to find tools similar to this one of OmniStar. But this one will impress you with its packed features. For starting, running and making the affiliate programs successful, this web-based solution is perfect. That means you don’t have to take help from other solutions for promoting the products and selling those with ease. The OSI Affiliate Software features have been mentioned in this short review.

Very Easy Setup Process

One of the finest features of this software is the setup procedure. You don’t have to go through complex steps for starting an affiliate program if you have the Osiaffilate. Have you ever thought you can startup such thing within ten minutes? This web-based solution has made that possible. For doing so, the Startup Wizard of this product will help you perfectly. A reward is essential for the affiliate programs, no matter what the type of that is. You will get the power to select the rewards very easily. The percentage for each sale can be specified. For each of the users, you can choose a different rate. Personalized rewards can also be given. Various gift certificates and packages can be given away to the users. You just have to specify the details of the rewards.

Social Media & SEO Friendly

Nowadays the social media have become huge markets for promoting and selling goods. You have to keep those in your count. The Osiaffiliate can deal with several media like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. So your products will be sold more quickly. That will not only help to increase the sales but also promote your whole business. For any successful business, you have to ensure your website is in a good position to the search results. That means you have to apply the search engine optimization process. The OSI Affiliate Software will help you for doing so. Actually, it will increase the sales and the affiliate user will bring more backlinks for your website. And hence your website will get a good position to the Google search engine.

Maximize Conversion Rate

For maximizing the conversion rate, the OSI Affiliate software will help to increase the conversion rate. Actually, it will ensure that the visitors come to your site will come via affiliate users. And this will ensure more conversion rate. The basic plan of the Osiaffiliate can be purchased by $47.95/month only. As of this post writing time prices of the Standard and Professional licenses are $67.95 and $97.95/month. This software is completely hosted one so that it is more reliable and effective. The trial version of it is also available.

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CobaltApps Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

Genesis is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used frameworks. A huge number of people all over the world use this for making customisable professional quality websites.

CobaltApps Review

CobaltApps, one the other hand, provides some tools which can be used with this beautiful framework. Those will add many extra features with the Genesis. In this review, we have highlighted the main to solutions that are offered by this company. Let’s check the tools:

Dynamik Website Builder

Suppose you do not know anything about coding. But that will not stop you from creating beautiful websites. CobaltApps offers the Dynamik Website Builder which is full of amazing features. Nowadays more people using the mobile phones than computers. So you have to create completely responsive sites. To create such, you just have to use your mouse for some clicks. The whole site will be customizable. Dynamik will help you add the sidebars very easily. The sizes and widths of the sidebars can also be changed without problems. Actually, this tool is capable of creating full-featured Genesis theme.

That means you will get all the features of it with all those of the Genesis. Custom widget area creation is one of the best features of this. You don’t have to use coding for this. You can show the widgets in any area of your website. CobaltApps has created this site builder tool so beautifully that it is perfect for homepage designing. It offers almost 50 various homepage structures. You just have to choose the right one and apply that. The developers will love this tool by adding their coding experience.

CobaltApps Genesis Extender

This one is another great creation of the CobaltApps. For tweaking the Genesis child themes, this product is very much effective. No matter which child theme you use, it can work with that perfectly. Changing the CMS style is very much urgent for many purposes. You can make that fully customizable with the help of this tool of CobaltApps. When you will change any style with this, you will be able to see the effects in real time. Genesis Extended supports more than 600 different Google fonts which be very helpful for your typography. You will not face any problem to customize the contents of the websites. Similarly, the homepage can also be customized.

Pricing of These Products

First of all, let’s talk about the Dynamik Website Builder. If you want to get the Single Site license of this, you have to pay only $89. You can use this to maximum 3 sites if you spend $149 to purchase the 3 sites license. For unlimited sites, the price for you will be $239 only. Now let’s come to Genesis Extender again. As par 13 June 2015, the price of the Single site license of this is $49. For 3 site and Unlimited sites licenses, you have to pay $89 and $149 respectively. No matter which licenses of these products you will purchase, you will get support and updates for 1 year.

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Hubstaff Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

It is very important to use the time tracking software due to one main reason. As the leader of the team, you have to monitor what the entire team is doing right only. Otherwise, you may lose your assets but cannot get the desired benefits. Actually, these type of products has been offered by different companies.

Hubstaff Review

But due to very high pricing and less efficiency, all of those cannot be suggested for all the teams. But no matter what type of business you have, you can use the Hubstaff. Though this is a highly popular solution, you may still have confusion about it. That is why I have mentioned the main points of this product. You can also use the Free Version of this for two weeks.

Different Team Licenses

Hubstaff has been offered for the teams of different sizes. For each type of teams, there are two plans. For example, if the team member is only one then the prices of the Basic and Premium plans will be respectively $5 and $9 for each month. In the case of the team of 5 members, you have to $35 and $49/month for these two plans. As per the date of creating this post, the price of the Basic Plan is $249/month for the team of 50 members. And that is $499/month if you pick the Premium License. It is better to have the Premium license all the time because it provides more powerful features. You can get any one of these for more members. But in that case, you have to contact the Hubstaff team for the pricing.

Set the Time and Budget

For any of the project, the team leader does not have all the time and money to spend. That is why it is very important to set the time limit for each of the members. You can set the daily or weekly limit for which each of the members will work. Similarly, you can also set the weekly budget with the help of the Hubstaff. During any running period of time, you will be allowed to customize the budget any time. If any worker exceeds the time limit, this time tracking software will stop the campaign automatically. This software can keep the time tracks and those will help you to pay the workers. Those can also be useful for creating the invoices.

Impressive Screenshot Capturing

After purchasing the Hubstaff, you don’t have to purchase any kind of screenshot capturing tool. It can efficiently take the screenshot of the computer monitor of any member. That is how you can monitor your entire team remotely. The application used by the team members can also be tracked by this product. Hubstaff will let you know which websites are visited by your team. Very comprehensive geolocation detection system is another huge advantage of this solution.

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MyDomain Pricing: Get a Cool Review

There are some companies which offer almost everything for establishing new websites. One of those is the MyDomain. This company has the products which can be used for creating and hosting of the websites.

MyDomain Review

You will be amazed by knowing the services provided by this company. They offer the Linux based hosting to the customers. Similarly, the Windows lovers will get their required services from here. If you do not want to get shared environment then you can choose the virtual private servers. These are also provided by MyDomain. The Site Builder tool of this company will help you to create fabulous sites in quickest possible time. Features of these products and services have been mentioned below.

Linux Web Hosting

A shared solution of Linux platform is one of the best products of the MyDomain Company. No matter which plan of this one you purchase, you will get unlimited space and bandwidth. The Basic License is for the hosting of one domain. But the Deluxe and Ultra are for an unlimited domain. One of the main advantages of the Ultra pack is it supports unlimited email accounts. It also available with unlimited FTP and MySQL databases. The price of the each of this service of MyDomain is attractive. Respectively these are $3.75, $6.75 and $13.75 per month. If you get anyone of these for 2 years then the monthly price will be minimized.

Virtual Private Servers

Three different plans are available for the VPS of MyDomain. Each of the plans is very much attractive. These are actually the servers which can offer private environments for hosting. Fully dedicated RAM and guaranteed bandwidth and disk space are the other features of it. The Standard pack of the VPS offers 512MB RAM, 1000GB Bandwidth, and 20GB Disk Space. 1GB RAM, 1500GB bandwidth, and 40GB space are available with the Pro plan. Similarly, the Premium Plan includes 2GB RAM, 60GB storage, and 2000GB bandwidth. The monthly prices of these packs are respectively $29.70, $41.60 and $67.95.

Full Featured SiteBuilder

This tool will let you create your own websites with ease. It is a sort of drag and drops solution for site creation. Though the regular price of this product is little higher, according to this post writing time that is $6.75/month. Now let’s see what you can do with this. You will be able to choose different color schemes for your websites. You can use your company logo in those. The important thing is customizable header images can also be used with ease. MyDomain SiteBuilder is very much helpful for adding the contents to the websites. Any number of pages can be used there and add those pages is so much easy. Domain name and hosting facilities are available with this product. You can also use a personalized email address.

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Cminds Review: Get a Cool Pricing

CreativeMinds or Cminds is the provider of various types of WordPress Plugins and Magneto Extensions. You may know about some companies which provide tools either for WordPress or for Magneto. But his company provides for both.

Cminds Review

The important thing is the products of this brand are available with single and multi-site licenses. So no matter what you need the tools, Cminds will offer you that. Some of the main products are:

WordPress Download Manager

This is one of the best products offered by the Cminds. It will help you to provide and control the download facility to your WordPress sites. It has so many fabulous features. Suppose you don’t want to allow all users to access some files or posts. This product will help you to create user groups to which you want to share your files. As the admin, you will get the power to allow the users to upload their files for all. Even the user posts can be moderated by you very easily. The Download Manager of Cminds will let you apply the post-approval system to your site. With the help of the shortcode you can add various files and download lists to your website very easily. Categorizing and search option can also be applied with the help of this tool. Single Site License of this plugin can be purchased by $29 only. As par 10 June 2015, the price for the 3 sites license of it is available for $59.

CM Answers Plugin

This tool of Cminds is suitable for the discussion forum sites. You can use this to allow the members to ask questions and give answers. Not only the question texts but also the necessary files can be posted as attachments. The best answer facility can also be applied to this product of Cminds. That is why the users will be allowed to find the best one from all the given answers. Similarly, the favorite question can also be allowed to select. The private answering facility is one of the advanced features of this plugin. It supports the commenting facility. To get the single site license of this tool, you have to pay only $29. Whereas, 3 sites license is available for $59.

Coupon Error Messages Extension

The above two products are for WordPress sites but this one is for Magento websites. It is an online store tool which is available only for $40 for a single store. It can be seen many times that the coupons have been posted by the users but cannot be posted. There can be so many reasons behind this. The Custom Error Messages will help the users to find out the errors in the coupons. So they will understand why those cannot be posted.

Some other popular products of the Cminds are the Sales Recover extension, CM Tooltip Glossary, MicroPayment Platform, Popup Banners etc.

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