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Aheadworks Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

It is very good to see that the Aheadworks is offering almost all types of themes and extensions for Magneto. So there is no need to rely on other companies to get various tools for that type of websites.

Aheadworks Review

The quality of the products of this company is impressive. On the other hand, prices are reasonable. That means you can get your desired items at the price you can afford. Let’s see a few impressive products from this company.

Follow Up Email Extension

Among various magneto extension of Aheadworks, this one is very impressive one. It is fact that, in this modern days, communication is very much necessary. For any kind of successful business, you have to communicate with the customers very conveniently. The Follow Up Email will help you to do so. Targeted emails can be sent to this tool. This Extension has the capability to send necessary notifications to the visitors of your online store. Suppose they have abandoned the shopping carts. For that case, it can send them the notifications. It will let the customers restore their session of shopping. Content-rich emails can be generated by this tool. Even it can send the greeting messages to the customers. Promotional messages can be sent by this Magneto Extension of Aheadworks. To get this for 3 months, you have to pay $199 only.

The Help Desk Ultimate

Another very impressive Magneto Extension of the Aheadworks is the Help Desk Ultimate. The submitter tickets of the customers will be delivered by this module to the right department. If the visitors send the tickets through the emails, it will accept those. No matter, which email gateway you use, it will deal with that perfectly. It is very impressive for distributing the tickets to the agents properly. This module can work considering the priorities.

The very strong notification system has increased the effectiveness of this product of Aheadworks. Amazingly, it can store the backups of the messages for further usage. Work report and statistical system of this tool are also very efficient. According to 7 July 2015, the price of this one is also $199 like the previous one. By paying that money, you can use this for 90 days.

Impressive iPhone Theme

Aheadworks offer various Magneto themes and among those the iPhone Theme 2 is a unique one. By paying this only by $149/90 days you can create very efficient m-commerce site. It has the single column layout which will make your store mobile friendly.

The customers will enjoy the instant search option to get their desired product with ease. Image gallery can be very much necessary for the mobile commerce stores. That is why this product of Aheadworks has very much improved image gallery facility.

Health, Deluxe, Glamour, Pulsar and other Magneto themes have also been created by this company. Whereas Refer a Friend, Checkout Promo, and Advanced Search are some other extensions.

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Atomic Subscription Manager Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

The atomic products are always different than those of the other brands. You will be able to get the software and tools for your email campaign from Atomic. It offers the tools for mass email sending, marketing, managing the recipient lists and for other tasks related to the email campaign.

Atomic Subscription Manager Review

For a successful email campaign the products of this brand can be very much useful. One of the finest product of the Atomic brand is the Atomic Subscription Manager which has tons of features and highest efficiency.

Why This Product can be Chosen

During any email campaign many subscription and unsubscription requests must have to be considered. That means you may need to remove the unsubscribed recipients from the mailing lists and add the newly subscribed recipients to those lists anytime. But if you have to work with thousands of recipients and so many lists then you may face so many difficulties for adding and removing the recipients regularly because this task is time consuming and boring. In this case you can use the Atomic Subscription Manager which can automatically manage the email lists by removing and adding necessary mail addresses.

Features and Benefits of This Product

First of all this tool is completely automatic. You will face no difficulty while using this tool of Atomic brand. It will always monitor the request for unsubscribing and subscription and then take necessary steps. You must add forms to your website for the users who need to subscribe or unsubscribe from the email campaign. Then you can integrate the Atomic Subscription Manger with the forms.

This tool has the capability to collect the necessary data and information from those forms and then subscribe or unsubscribe the users who will fill the forms. Not only the website forms but also the local files can be used for removing and adding the email address to the lists. To delete or add the addresses, you can select the path of the file, where the addresses are stored, and then this tool will collect the information from that file.

Notifications are very important for the users and that is why the Atomic Subscription Manager will send the confirmation emails or notifications to the clients or users after unsubscribing or subscribing their accounts. One of the most important and attractive features of this Atomic product is it can work with unlimited number of email lists and email accounts.

So it will save your time at a very high rate. To import the email addresses, you can use any type of document file. Atomic Subscription manager can easily be integrated with the other product of the same brand like the Atomic Email Sender, Atomic Email Verifier and Atomic Email Studio. So get the better results from any email campaign you can use these products together.

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PerfectUpdater Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

Outdated drivers are one of the main reasons for the decreasing performance of the computer. You can manually update the driver or do that with the help of software. The PerfectUpdater can be chosen for this task.

PerfectUpdater Review

It is not difficult to find out the driver updater solution. Various software companies are providing such. But the Raxco Software is offering the PerfectUpdater with all the basic and necessary advanced features. From the computer expert to a new user will be able to handle this one. Like all the other products of the same brand, this one is also available for a very much attractive price. To get this for a single device, you have to pay only $19.99. On the other hand, the home license of this is available for $39.99 only. These prices are completely reasonable that can be understood after considering the following features:

Secured Updating System

There can be so many software which can deal with the drivers of the known devices. But the PerfectUpdater is one of the unique products which can also consider the unknown devices. For solving the hardware conflicts, this feature is very much important. During the operations, no major problems will arise. Even the BSOD problem will also be solved by this software. Another important thing is to get those items which are truly offered by the manufacturers. This product will also consider this issue. So you can be sure that the updated items you get are safe and virus free.

Top Quality Backup

Sometimes the updated drivers may not suit your device. Yes, it actually happens sometimes. Then what will you do? You may think that when the PerfectUpdater will make drivers up to date, then the previous versions will be deleted. But actually, the previous one will be backed by this amazing solution. So if necessary, you will be able to get back to the suitable ones anytime. This feature actually resolves the damaged installation process. Another important feature is the driver exclusion option. If you do not want to make any drivers updated, you can add those to the exclusion list. The PerfectUpdater of Raxco will ignore those items during the operations.

Scheduling and Compatibility

Various powerful features have made the Raxco PerfectUpdater an efficient one. Advanced scheduling facility is one of those. The scanning of the outdated drivers can be done automatically by this software. So you don’t have to worry about manual checking for making those up to date. Just make the schedule and forget about scanning. You may love to work with the latest or the oldest edition of the Windows operating system. The PerfectUpdater is compatible with all of those. Essential thing is, it is suitable for both the 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

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Pagewiz Review: Get a Cool Pricing

The affiliate marketers, online marketers, and business owners need to use the landing pages. These can bring more customers and hence more revenue to their businesses. It may be possible to manually create these pages for one or two websites. But for larger campaigns, this process will not work.

Pagewiz Review

In those cases, you must use the page creation software. It is fact that this type of products is not available like a normal PC app. But some of these are really very efficient and easy to handle. Pagewiz is one of those which provides all the important facilities. Here are some features that are included in Pagewiz:

Benefits at a Glance

Just like the other landing page generator tools, this product also has the basic. But for some advanced features, it has become more effective. The page editor of this software is of WYSIWYG based. That means you can drag and drop the contents of it and view the changes real time. You may have created presentation files with the help of MS PowerPoint. The Pagewiz is just easy as that app. Just after creating your contents, you can use the publish button to post those to the targeted websites. A/B testing automation is another very impressive feature of this software. The conversion rate produced by each of the pages can be monitored by this. That means it will be easier for you to know which page is performing best.

Impressive Quality Templates

Some amazing high converting templates have been included with the Pagewiz. People are using smartphones for visiting websites. So it will be very effective to create pages which are mobile friendly. To do so, you can use the Mobile Landing Page template for this company. This software also has the video template which will let you import various contents from the video sharing sites. Lead Generation is another template that is available in the Pagewiz. By using this, you can have a huge number of leads to your website.

Pricing Plans of Pagewiz

Various types of small and larger plans have been offered for this software. Here I have mentioned some of those. The Basic Plan is only for 2 domains and it can deal with 5000 visitors. The monthly price for this is $29 according to the time of writing this post. The standard plan is for 10 thousand unique visitors. It can be installed to 5 different domains. By paying $49/month, you can enjoy this impressive plan of Pagewiz. Similarly, the Plus and Pro plans are comparatively larger. These are for 10 and 25 domains respectively. Costs for these are $99/month and $199/month. Plus Plan can deal with 30 thousand visitors. On the other hand, the Pro Plan has come for working with 100 thousand unique visitors.

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Entrust Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

Security software and services are actually the products of Entrust. This company is privately owned and now more than 300 employees are working for it. The services offered by them can be used for personal purposes as well as highly confidential government purposes.

Entrust Review

With the help of these, you can work against the frauds. Authentication of multiple levels has made the products so powerful. They are offering facilities to more or less 60 different countries. That means, no matter where you are, you can get services from them. Some of the products are:

Cloud Services SSL Security

You may know that the web servers need digital certificates. Such certificates should be purchased and deployed finely. After the licensing period, those should be renewed. All these tasks should be handled very securely. The IdentityGuard Cloud Services SSL of the Entrust will secure all these perfectly. Various types of certificates are available here. Some of the major ones are the Standard, Wildcard, and Private etc. You can also get some of the signing certificates from the Entrust. Centralized administration and web-based tools are offered for these products. Automatic management facilities are also integrated. Even the third party certificates can also be managed nicely. Almost all the browser compatibility has made it more efficient. You will enjoy 256-bit strong security.

IdentityGuard Mobile Edition

Entrust is offering a very advanced level of mobile security. You may think that these services actually includes the protection of mobile identities. That may also secure the transactions. But actually, this product offers more than those. OTP facility has been integrated with this product. That is why the digital identities will be protected very strongly. Certificate-based applications are also made this product very much effective for transaction protection. Transaction security is needed because nowadays mobile banking and payment systems are commonly used. The on the password (OTP) system of Entrust is offered two-step authentication for using the networks which are out of a band. Accessing and using the cloud applications will also be protected by this product. Another very important feature of the IdentityGuard Mobile is multipurpose identities can be created by this for the mobile devices. This security is urgent for the near field communication as well as Bluetooth.

Other Products of Entrust

This company provides some other facilities to the customers. We have discussed the IdentityGuard Mobile edition on the above. Cloud version of the same product can be purchased too. You can use this software authentication platform for the enterprise, government, and banking resource protection. Authority PKI, Device Certifications, TransactionGuard, Citizen eID protection and Physical & Logical Access are the other products. The security tools and services of this company are so much efficient. That is why every year 90 percent of users renew they licenses of Entrust products.

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MailerLite Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

Email marketing tasks are very important for making the businesses more popular. Those will help you to get more customers and clients. For the small businesses, you can choose the MailerLite which is the complete email marketing solution.

MailerLite Review

We are saying this complete solution because related things for email marketing are also offered by it. If you are the owner of small businesses or medium businesses then you can pick up this. The following features of it may impress you.

Effective Newsletter Editing

The newsletter editor attached with this email marketing software is very easy to handle. That is actually of drag and drop type. As the operation speed of that tool is very fast, you will be able to create newsletters very quickly. You can add various types of contents to those. Texts and images are the commonly used contents for all types of newsletters. You can also include the videos to those very easily. There is some email marketing software in which the photo editing tools are not included. But the MailerLite is not like those. With the help of its built-in editing tools, you will be able to enhance your photos very easily. So you don’t have to take help from other software for editing the photos anymore. That means this software will save your money.

Subscriber Management System

One of the most important parts of the email marketing is the subscriber management system. If you have the MailerLite then you will be able to upload new subscribers very easily. The unwanted subscribers will be handled by this email marketing software. Newsletter sending is not the only thing. You have to track the results of the newsletter efficiently. For this purpose, the MailerLite will help you. It can track the number of clicks to the links you shared and a number of subscribers who opened the newsletters. Other related things about the newsletters will also be tracked by this software. For your websites, you can create the signup forms by using this software. Its email autoresponder tool is very efficient for sending and replying the messages to subscribers.

Affordable Pricing Plans

MailerLite always concerns about the small businesses. A small number of subscribers are necessary for the email marketing of the small businesses. You can pay monthly or annually for your email marketing. Here we have mentioned the monthly pricing according to 31 January 2015. If you want to work with one thousand to maximum five thousand subscribers then you have to pay $10. For working with maximum 10 thousand subscribers, you should pay $20. Your target can be more subscribers. In that case, you can get 50 thousand subscribers by paying $100. For all the plans you will be able to send unlimited emails. In most of the cases, customers choose the monthly plans through the annual plans are more cost-effective.

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Vertex42 Pricing: Get a Cool Review

No matter what the profession you lead, time must be the most important thing to you. You may have to spend much time to create invoices for the customers or to create a budget for your companies. Similarly, various types of calendars and charts may need to be created. Ordinary online calculators may not be suitable for you all the time. For all these issues you can take help from the Vertex42.

Vertex42 Review

This company offers so many types of calculators, charts, calendars and importantly the Excel templates. These products can be used for personal, official and business purposes. Here are some major categories of products of the Vertex42.

Amazing Financial Calculators

For each type of financial transactions, specific types of calculators can be used. Some of those are offered by this company. The Debt Reduction Calculator is one of the available templates. If you want to complete the calculation of the interest payments or the saved money, it will help you. The personal version of this product can deal with maximum 10 creditors. The price of this one is only $9.95 and for dealing with more creditors you can choose the Extended or Pro versions. Suppose you want to create a monthly or yearly budget for your family. For this purpose, you can choose the Yearly Budget Calculator of Vertex42. You can easily add different cost and income categories and remove those when necessary. Comparison between the expenses and budgets can be done by this product also. Home Mortgage and College Savings calculators have also featured products of this company.

Different Excel Templates

Vertex42 provides various types of Excel templates including the Budget and Invoice templates. In the first categories, the Family Planner and Personal Budget products are very much necessary for all. By using those you can plan the expenses for yourself, your children and the other members of your family. These are for planning the yearly expenses. The monthly budget planner is also offered by this company. Similarly, Vertex42 is also the source of simple and advanced invoice templates. Excel Invoice can be considered as the general purpose one. Whereas the Billing Invoice can be considered as detailed billing note.

Various Attractive Calendars

Vertex42 offers different types of printable and editable calendars to the customers. Monthly and yearly of those for 2015 are available. Portrait and Landscape designs are available for each of that product. You can download those with and without the note options. Blue and Black colored items are available to Vertex42. This company also offers the calendar templates for the Excel. For work planning and scheduling, these products will help you a lot. You can also get special products for your school or child care center. Those editable calendars will let you indicate the off days, class start & suspend and exam dates very easily.

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Filter Store Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

Filters are necessary for various parts of our lives. It is not so easy to get all types of filtering tools from the same place. Some of the companies are taking more than the fair prices for the replacements.

Filter Store Review

But the Filter Store is one of those who is providing all of the products at fair prices. Items are available for various well-known filter manufacturer. So you don’t have to run here and there to get your filtering kits. Some of the products which are available at Filter Store are:

Sewn Filtering Equipment

These tools have achieved huge popularity due to several reasons. One of the most important reason is these can deal with the compressed gas. Not only that, these are perfect for dealing with the liquids. That is why you can use the Sewn filtering kits for several applications. For example, the compressors and gas distributors are some of those where you can use these tools. The Filter Store has started and still continuing to replace these kits. They only deliver those which are made of top quality materials. So you don’t have to worry about the performance of your product after purchasing. Sunshine, Graver, Sparks, and IFMs are some very popular companies for these filtering tools. Replacements for the tools of these companies are available to the Filter Store.

Various Hydraulic Filters

Depending on the micron and pressure ratings, the hydraulic filters are of several kinds. Filter Store can be considered as the source of this kind of products. Similarly, they also replace the oil filters. There are several shops where all the low, medium and high-pressure tools are not available. But here you will find all of them. When you will purchase any one these, you will get the Breathers which is very much effective for making the hydraulic oil perfectly clean. So the moisture problems of the oil will be solved by this chemical. Some of the popular company names for these filtering tools are Hydac, Baldwin, Mahle, and Facet etc. The Filter Store replace the products of all these brands. Ordering process of these products is very much easy. You just have to fulfill the form and make the order instantly.

Some Special Products

Natural housings are available in this shop. These can be used for several applications. These are made of fluro-polymer. To the necessary parts, stainless steel is also used perfectly. You may know that the bacteria is the common problem for the housings. The materials with which the natural housings have been created act as bacteria resistant. According to 3 July 2015, the price of each one of these tools is only $20. You can get pool filters as well as Master Pneumatic units from the Filter Store. Reusable cylindrical filtering tools are also available in this store. It can be said that the products are offered by this company are reasonable and affordable.

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Scribe 4.0 Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

The first edition of this product was a simple SEO tool and that was accepted nicely all over the world. Scribe 4.0 is the latest edition and it is a complete content marketing solution. So you can use this personal, business and enterprise uses.

Scribe 4.0 Review

It has various types of capabilities and one of those is the keyword research. Content optimizing is another amazing function of this powerful content marketing software. Here is the overview of the features of this solution:

Very Easy to Handle

Various tools of this content marketing software will impress with great effectiveness. Its web solution can be used for the research. You just have to log in to your account for researching. The content optimizing task can also be done from there. Even you can manage your link building campaign from the web solution of Scribe. When you will get your necessary contents, you can publish those very easily to your WordPress. If you want to use it to your WordPress with more comfort, you have to use the provided SEO plugin. You can choose such theme and plugin which will also you to enter the meta description. The amazing thing is you can use this software with your Microsoft Word for collecting and optimizing all the contents. Though it can work with the English language only, upgrades for other languages will be available soon.

Research, Optimize & Connect

To find the foundational contents, very much effective keyword research can be done by Scribe research tools. You will be able to get the new contents very easily. Comparing between the topics and phrases can also be done nicely. It will help you to get the competitive data and the optimized contents. Over-optimization will not be done by this powerful software. It will show you a graphical matrix for the optimization. So you will be able to handle and customize the optimization very easily. It will let you be connected with the social media users and the audience. So you can easily understand how they deal with the contents that you choose.

Three Different Plans

Among three different plans of Scribe 4.0, the Professional Plan is most popular. It contains three hundred evaluation and can be used to an unlimited number of websites. For the keyword research tasks, it can complete seven hundred searches. According to February 2015, the price of it is $97/month. Agency plan is for large-scale uses. It offers more than two thousand keyword searches and nine hundred different evaluations. Other facilities of this plan are same as those of the Professional Plan. To get this plan, you have to pay $247 for each month. The Enterprise Plans are also available for larger uses. To get those you have to communicate with the sales team of Scribe.

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DreamHost VPS Review: Get a Cool Pricing

Virtual Private Servers are those which can be used for the hosting purposes. The user or customer of it will be able to use selected OS with all the supported software. Most of the hosting providers offer this type of service as their product. We have discussed here DreamHost which is such provider.

DreamHost VPS Review

This company is one of the most reliable and popular companies for providing hosting facilities. People love to deal with them. So why you will choose the backward providers? Different VPS plans are available for this product. You just need to get the right one considering your necessities. No downtime will be faced to the servers. Different other features of it are also amazing. From this short review, you will be able to find the main features and pricing of DreamHost VPS.

Amazing SSD Storage

You cannot be happy with the ordinary SATA storage for your servers. This type of storage is comparatively very slow and non-efficient. Instead of this, the best option is to use the SSD storage. That is why the DreamHost Company uses this advanced level resource with their products. Scalable RAM is another great feature of this product. Maximum 8GB of RAM can be chosen very easily. You may need to install the Ruby programming in your allotted server. And that type of programming can be of different versions. VPS of this company has the RVM which will let you all versions of that.

Powerful Control Panel

As the scalability is one of the best features of the DreamHost VPS, it offers very strong control panel. Suppose you need to deal with 2 or more servers. You can do that very easily with the control panel. This one is completely web-based and that is why you will face less problem to work with it. This control panel will help you to add as much storage or RAM to your server as you want. With the same VPS account, you can provide hosting to an unlimited number of domains. You don’t have to worry about the size of the domain because it offers an unlimited amount of that. So this product of DreamHost is perfect for the web developers and online professionals. Ubuntu LTS is available with this service also.

DreamHost VPS Pricing

Four different packages are available for this service. According to 7 May 2015, the monthly prices of these packs are $15, $30, $60 and $120 respectively. The First one offers 1GB RAM and 30GB storage. The Second one is available with 2GB memory and 60GB space. The third one comes with 120GB Storage with 4GB RAM. Similarly, the largest one provides 8GB RAM and 240GB large storage. With all these plans IPv6 is included. DreamHost always offers 24hours support to the customers.

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