Panoramic image editing

Once you have created your panoramic image and you have done any retouching that you want to do to improve the image, you might want to do some more editing. For example:

  • Add a copyright statement in the image
  • Add a company logo
  • Add or remove people or objects
  • Add text or other labels

To achieve all of these aims, you will need an image editing program such as Adobe PhotoShop, JASC PaintShop Pro or Corel Photo-Paint. However all of these programs are designed to allow you to edit flat images, not panoramic images. This is best explained using examples. The two panoramas below have been edited to include the words "© copyright 2000 James Rigg. All Rights Reserved". The first image was edited using Adobe PhotoShop. The second was edited using SkyPaint (see together with Adobe PhotoShop.

I have used spherical panoramas for this because I can then demonstrate the creation of a tripod cap, however you can just as easily add text or images to cylindrical (or cubic) images.

Image edited without SkyPaint - note the text appears curved
Image edited using SkyPaint - note the text seems to be in perspective

A better example of some editing that would be impossible to achieve without software such as SkyPaint, is to add a tripod cap - i.e. a logo or image to cover where the tripod was in a spherical panorama. The following panorama has been edited using SkyPaint, below it is the actual flat image so you can see how difficult it would be to edit the image yourself without SkyPaint.

Image edited using SkyPaint to add tripod cap (look down)
The actual image as created by SkyPaint. Note that it would be exceedingly difficult to achieve this edit without using software such as SkyPaint.