QTVR Make Panorama 2 (A Quick Guide)

QTVR Make Panorama is a free utility for converting panoramic images into QTVR panoramas. You can get it from Apple's website (see below). Unfortunately the people most likely to want or need the ability to create QTVRs are PC users not Mac users (because Mac versions of most stitching software support QTVR export), yet this utility is only available for Mac. PC users can however use Apple's more limited VRMakePano utility.

  • QTVR Make Panorama 2 (Mac) - HTTP FTP
  • VRMakePano (PC) - HTTP

The rest of this page is a quick guide to how to use QTVR Make Panorama 2.

  1. Use an image editor (such as Adobe Photoshop) to convert your image to Mac PICT format (if it is not already in it) and make sure that the panorama is rotated so that the "bottom" of the image is on the right edge (i.e. in order to view it you would have to turn your head to the left).
  2. Use an image editor (such as Adobe Photoshop) to scale or crop your image so that the width is evenly divisible by 4 and the height is evenly divisible by 96 (since your image is rotated by 90 degrees this means that the long edge (the horizontal) must be divisible by 96 and the short edge (the vertical) must be divisible by 4). Doing this is optional. If you do not do this QTVR Make Panorama 2 will give you a warning like this one when you try to create a QTVR with the image:
  3. Next, having downloaded and installed QTVR Make Panorama 2, start it up. It will ask you for the PICT file you want to use and on the first time you run it will also ask you for your preferences which it will then use for creating the panorama:
  4. You can of course change the compression settings and as you would expect a fine degree of control is available:
  5. That's it! QTVR Make Panorama 2 will then save your QTVR for you.

The obvious limitations of this utility are:

  • only available for Mac
  • can't use it to create hotspots or multi-node VR worlds