Gallery - FAQ

How do I ensure best quality for my panoramas?

The algorithms that panoguide uses to resize your images endeavour to maintain best possible image quality, however when an image is resized, we have to recompress the image to JPEG format. To avoid image degradation you should use the minimum image compression (i.e. best quality) you can on the image you upload. The main panoramic image must be more than 0.6 megapixels up to a maximum 8 megapixels. The maximum file size for the main panoramic image is 2.5 Mb.

You can also upload a thumbnail image, which must be more than 0.2 megapixels up to a maximum 1 megapixels. The maximum file size for the thumbnail image is 0.5 Mb.

When viewing the panoramic image full-screen the site uses a size of 5,000 pixels wide for a 360 degree panorama. If this is the size of your uploaded image, your image will not be resized. This is in order to provide the best possible quality to the person viewing the image. Note that full-screen view requires your image have a minimum width of 2,500 pixels - if it is less than this, the full-screen view will be disabled. This prevents your image appearing over pixelated and poor quality.

My panorama has a curved horizon - why is this?

Panoguide assumes the horizon in your panorama is in the centre of your image. If you tilted your camera up or down, you will need to either crop your image so the horizon is in the centre, or add blank pixels to correct the horizon.

Do I need to upload a thumbnail image? What is it for?

No, you do not need to upload a thumbnail image. Panoguide can automatically generate all the different size images needed on the website from the full-size main panoramic image you upload. However, if you prefer you can upload a smaller image as a thumbnail. You might want to do this in order to show a perspective-corrected view of a portion of the panoramic image.

Why is there an image size limit and why only JPEG images?

We have to limit the image size because re-sizing the images requires the web server to do quite a bit of work, and this slows down the website. Large images also require more disk space. JPEG images are used because they are easy to manipulate and provide a good trade-off between image quality and file size.

Can I upload QuickTime panoramas?

No, currently panoguide supports only JPEG files for panoramic images. This allows the site to easily resize the images to create all the different size images needed on the website. We may add QuickTime support at a later date.

How many images can I upload?

Panoguide currently limits you to 5 images. This will be reviewed and probably increased in the future. It is important for us to put in a limit to prevent anyone flooding panoguide with their images.

How do I upload a vertical panorama?

Sorry, currently panoguide only supports horizontal panoramas. The site will not stop you from uploading a vertical panorama, but this functionality is untested and currently unsupported.

On my screen the panoramas look a little grainy/pixelated? Why is this?

Several things can cause this:

  1. The ImmerVision PurePlayer viewer automatically downsizes the image if your computer has insufficient free memory to display the full size image. Check that you do not have multiple panoramas open at once, or other Java applets open on other websites.
  2. When you open the panorama in a window you get a lower resolution version of the panorama - you can click the button to view full-screen, but the image may look pixelated.
  3. If you have a very large screen, even the full-screen version of the panorama (a pixel wide image) may look pixelated particularly at the edges of the screen. The high-resolution image provides good but not infinite resolution, so on large or high-resolution screens you may see some pixelation.

How do the website banner images work?

Every page on panoguide displays a randomly selected image from the gallery. Some parts of panoguide (such as the homepage) only ever display images by the site's creator, James Rigg.

How do I get my images to appear as a banner image?

Some parts of panoguide (such as the homepage) only every display images by the site's creator (James Rigg). The forums and galleries (and some other pages) display any randomly selected image. Note that if you are looking at the panoramic image information page the panoramic image appears in the banner but faded out a little (so that your eye is drawn to the brighter thumbnail image and information).

Do you take copyright seriously?

Yes panoguide takes copyright very seriously, however we obviously cannot verify authenticity and copyright ownership for every image. If you believe an image in the gallery is breaching your copyright (or someone else's) please use the alert moderator link on the gallery item's page to let us know.

I have changed one of my images but the new image isn't displayed

Panoguide tells your web browser to cache images for up to 30 mins, so it may take up to 30 minutes for your web browser to pick up the new image. You can force your web browser to check for a new image by clearing your cache, or doing a force-refresh (please check your web browser help if you do not know how to do this). If you want to change an image for a completely different image, we request that you delete the existing image and then add a new image. If you do this, the two images will then never get confused.