Trolley (Tramvay) by Ugur Akbulut
Trolley (Tramvay)
by Ugur Akbulut
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Trolley (Tramvay)

15 Jan 2008, by Ugur Akbulut

Trolley (Tramvay)
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Taksim Square leads to Istiklal Street, a broad and lively byway of shops, restaurants and cafes, offices and embassies housed in an assortment of nineteenth century buildings that stand shoulder to shoulder along an avenue closed to all traffic save a one-car trolley that winds its way up and down the single track in its center. This is the heart of Beyoglu, a neighborhood that a century ago had been the mercantile center of European Istanbul where a multitude of nationalities lived, conducted business, and frequented the areas sophisticated hotels, theaters, cafes and shops. To this day the diversity of the regions churches, synagogues and mosques cannot be equaled anywhere in the world.

Equipment Used

Equipment used: Canon Eos 20D, Sigma 8mm F3.5 EX DG, Manfrotto 190DB, Manfrotto SPH303 Technique: 6 around, 1 up

Location & Nearby - Turkey

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