Waiting for kids by DorinDXN
Waiting for kids
by DorinDXN
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Waiting for kids

30 Sep 2006, by DorinDXN

Waiting for kids
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Brides & playground waiting for kids in Timisoara.

Actually it was 3 very beautiful brides there at that moment.
A lucky one inside the church and two more lucky inside my pano, and now, at your eyes.
To give a chance to see the second beautiful bride on my pano, here is the link to a higher resolution
www.dxn.ro/waiting4kids.html (DevalVR)
www.dxn.ro/waiting4kids_QT.html (QuickTime)

Equipment Used

38 shots (3 rows plus up and down shot) using Canon EOS 350D, Canon 18-55 EFS lens, Giottos VT-809 tripod, Self-made panoramic head, Hugin, Pano2QTVR. Patched nadir and retouching in TopSoft Magic 3.0

Location & Nearby - Romania

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