Piaristen church by julian kalmar
Piaristen church
by julian kalmar
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Piaristen church

18 Aug 2007, by julian kalmar

Piaristen church
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Stiched from 295 5d images (70mm)
Many images had to less DOF so I had to use multifocuspoints and put them together with combineZM before the stich. The exposure was a problem too. I used exposures between 5 sec. and 1/60 sec f11@iso100.
For the stich itselfe I used 219 "perfect" images created from the 295 images (the 76 images I used for multifocusing points and exposure bracketing)
To be honest this QTVR looks nice but the image itself looks really phantastic with the resolution of 51644x25822 (3,3GB) you
You Can look a smaller version on my homepage here photoart.lima-city.de/album1280x1024/Pano/slides/...

I added some 100% crops

a 100% crop of Jesus

here you can see a part with 3 different focusing points

and another 100%crop

Equipment Used

Canon 5d 24-70mm 2,8 @70mm f11 iso100 silkypix, CombineZM, PS, PtGui

Location & Nearby - Austria

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