St Pauls in Melaka by James Rigg
St Pauls in Melaka
by James Rigg
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St Pauls in Melaka

25 May 2006, by James Rigg

St Pauls in Melaka
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This is all that remains of St Paul's Church, built in 1521 by a Portuguese captain and originally called the Church of Our Lady of Annunciation. When the Dutch captured Melaka in 1641 they renamed the Church but it fell into disuse when Christ Church was built. It was further damaged when the British invaded and started destroying fortifications including A Famosa, nearby.

This was my second attempt at this panorama as the first lacked a blue sky. Taking the shots for this panorama was a bit of a race - not because of changing light or moving people but because on a clear day the midday sun is very, very hot!

See the full-size panoramic view of St Paul's in Melaka on my website.

Equipment Used

39 shots (3 rows plus a down shot) using Canon EOS 20D, Canon 18-35 EFS lens, Manfrotto 190MF3 tripod, Manfrotto 338 leveller, Nodal Ninja 2 panoramic head, PTGui. Retouching in Adobe PhotoShop.

Location & Nearby - Malaysia

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