underground bunker by Frank Wängler
underground bunker
by Frank Wängler
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underground bunker

17 Oct 2012, by Frank Wängler

underground bunker
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By the end of the Cold War for civilians, the NVA position rocket was Klosterfelde northwest one areal terra incognita. The former top-secret military complex is well hidden in the forest, the shelters and buildings in mounds act still well camouflaged.

The function of the missile system was the first air defense of Berlin with a transition period of 6 minutes for preparedness level In the seventies to 1990, the NVA was equipped with missiles position Klosterfelde launchers from "Volkhov". This weapons system had a range of 7 to 40 km. The firing positions possessed electric sliding roof with camouflage. The Rockets were ready start with transport charging vehicles, mostly of type SIL brought 157 into the starting battery. Near the launch pads are held on the crews in underground bunkers.

Location - Germany

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