abandoned mansion by Frank Wängler
abandoned mansion
by Frank Wängler
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abandoned mansion

7 Aug 2010, by Frank Wängler

abandoned mansion
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Located in Warchau allodial former manor with its manor house, the stone church and the park with the tulip tree, bald cypress and black walnut is evidence of the history of the place. In 1475 received the Magdeburg Schildt family of the village Warchau as feud of the Archbishop of Magdeburg, the Count Palatine Johann.

The Knights of Friedrich Adolph Ferdinand Britzke bought the manor in 1818 by the owners of Schild'schen family. Under his hands began to completely devastated Good flourish anew. After 1871, the previous, unified architecture of the mansion was changed and supplemented with decorative timber. From 1945 it served as a kindergarten and residential buildings.

The Grade II listed stone church was built in 1200. The walls of the church are of unhewn, regional and boulders made ​​inside with lime plaster and wall paintings. Light comes in through the narrow, tall window with a pointed arch. The tower was only in the 18th Century built.

The park at the mansion Warchau originated around 1800. Which is comprised of the pond and botanical rarities such as the tulip tree native to North America, the black walnut and the lightning drawn true cypress. Other trees in the park are weeping willow, linden, white poplar, oak, oak pyramid, copper beech and sycamore.

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