Isla de Benidorm by spiritburner
Isla de Benidorm
by spiritburner
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Isla de Benidorm

4 Jan 2011, by spiritburner

Isla de Benidorm
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Panorama of the Isla de Benidorm, a small uninhabited island off the coast of Benidorm in Spain.

We were there for a short english break as we live in Barcelona and as no one seems to have published a panorama on the island I thought I would give it a go, its a 2 mile boat ride out to the island, magnificent sea views, plenty of birds and sea life, included in the boat ride is a small submarine type ride which is great fun. Its a good morning out and well worth the climb to the top of the island, probably would not want to do it in the summer months, way too hot! The only issues shooting the picture were the seagulls who kept trying to dive-bomb me, its their island!

Equipment Used

Canon EOS 5D Mk11, Sigma 8MM, Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1, Manfrotto Tripod, too slippery for a monpod!

Location - Spain

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