Eketorps borg by riplarch
Eketorps borg
by riplarch
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Eketorps borg

19 Jun 2010, by riplarch

Eketorps borg
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Eketorps castle is a stronghold of the Iron Age, located on the Alvar of Grass Farm parish in south-eastern Öland . The castle was expanded considerably during the Middle Ages and has over time had varying features, from former defensive fortress complex of medieval sanctuary, and later time for a cavalry garrison. During the 1900's were reconstructed fort and became a popular tourist destination. The site has been used to demonstrate medieval crafts and techniques and has also been used to "rebuild" the medieval kind. Fort is the only one of 19 known prehistoric fortifications on Öland which has been completely excavated. Only at the fort they found 24 000 articles of different kinds. Southern Öland was classified in 2000 as World Heritage by UNESCO [1] .

Equipment Used

Olympus E-500 DoubleTake software

Location - Sweden

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