Tarsus Cleopatra Gate by leon33
Tarsus Cleopatra Gate
by leon33
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Tarsus Cleopatra Gate

30 May 2010, by leon33

Tarsus Cleopatra Gate
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Cleopatra Gate, at the entrance of Tarsus. Byzantine city walls built in the Mountain Gate, City Gate and Sea Gate, was found. Evliya Celebi in his travel to Tarsus, then explained that the door was wearing the name of gate piers.
Khorasan mortar used in the construction of the door. The edge of the door in a horseshoe shape and height of 6.17 m. the depth of 6:18 m. dir. Tarsus 18 Quite stable until the end of the century, three-door walls, were destroyed by Ibrahim Pasha in Egypt in 1835 and only two feet above the sea single-arched gate survived.
Egyptian queen Cleopatra in the famous Roman general Antony and when they came to Tarsus to meet, then the Eyes of the harbor with great ceremony in the Tower and the sea gate to the city against the is said. Therefore, the Cleopatra Gate, also called Sea Gate.

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Equipment Used

Canon 450D Rebel XSI, Sigma 4.5 fisheye, Manfrotto 303sph

Location & Nearby - Turkey

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