Lord Belhaven's Pet Cemetery by lanarkshire360
Lord Belhaven's Pet Cemetery
by lanarkshire360
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Lord Belhaven's Pet Cemetery

28 Sep 2009, by lanarkshire360

Lord Belhaven's Pet Cemetery
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Lord Belhaven's Pet Cemetery in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

This pet cemetery was established by the 11th Lord Belhaven, Robert Edward Archibald Hamilton and Lady Belhaven, Kathleen Gonville Bromhead sometime in the latter half of the 1800's and the earliest legible headstone is dated 1869 and the latest dated headstone is 1919.

Most of the headstones relate to dogs but there is also a headstone for Polly, a grey parrot. The surrounding woodlands also contain various memorial stones relating to hunting horses who were buried where they fell.

Unfortunately, the pet cemetery has been ignored and left unprotected by North Lanarkshire Council and has been vandalised quite extensively with no headstones left standing and some of headstones broken.


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