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koog ie

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Registered: 28 Nov 2008
Posted: 30 Nov 2008 at 4:35 GMT
hey guys .. how do you price your services? what do you charge for stills? vr x90°? vr x180°? extra floorplans, etc?
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Re: pricing
Posted: 30 Nov 2008 at 17:04 GMT
Depends on the client, project, and various other factors.. also which country your in. Some muppets in the US charge as little as $10!! per pano...

Also are you a commercial photographer? you would obviously charge more for a 360 pic that you would for a flat image. The prob in the 'industry' at the min is there are way too many 'have a go's' and hobbiests that will work for peanuts and think they can get on the bandwagon with poor quality work.
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Sam Rohn

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Re: pricing
Posted: 30 Nov 2008 at 17:28 GMT
as rudders said, many factors can affect pricing, but like most things, it comes down to what your local market will bear - FotoQuote Pro can be helpful in determining a starting point, but even that may be very USA oriented -


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Re: pricing
Posted: 1 Dec 2008 at 1:59 GMT
The best thing I did was forget I was doing photography and start thinking that I am more of a specialist webdesigner.

My work is now about 10% photography and 90% computer work (processing and tour design).

Because each job is so different, you will only be doing yourself a financial injustice by trying to fix a price.

Its probably best to work backwards from an estimated hourly rate.

I suggest running through this pricing calculator from freelance switch -


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