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Thread: Need some replace my equipment advice!

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Re: Need some replace my equipment advice!
Posted: 22 May 2013 at 11:02 GMT
updated: 22 May 2013 at 11:04 GMT
Hi Rolf,
One of the advantages of Canon 8-15 mm as a zoom fisheye lens is that you can choose your focal length. You can shoot at 8, at 15 or at values between. When you shoot at 8 mm you'll need 3 shots + 1 nadir to cover the whole sphere, when you shoot at 15 mm you'll need 6 shots around + 1 nadir + 2 (or 1) zenith shot. I prefer mostly shooting at 12 mm. I need 4 shots around + 1 nadir. The resulting equirectangular image (my pano) is sized approx. 10.700x5350 pix. This is for me a good compromise between the time I invest in shooting and stitching and the resolution. If I'd shoot at 8 mm, I'd need less shooting and postprocessing time but my pano would be sized about 7300x3650 pix. And shooting at 15 mm gives a pano of approx. 14000x7000 pix. More resolution means the viewer can zoom in more and pick up more details of the subject.
If you already have a cropped sensor camera why buy a second one? I'd go for 5d m2. When you would shoot with the focal lengths as mentioned above you would need to shoot more frames with a 7D (at the same focal lengths) to cover the sphere .
I don't know about the ISO-performance of 7d but FF cameras are known to have a better ISO performance (less noise). I had to make use of high ISO a couple of times to have a "high enough" shutter speed and I'm glad that I did those shootings with my 5dm2. You can shoot up to 1250 ISO without problems - provided you make noise reduction in the postprocessing.
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