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Thread: how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?

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Location: aden, Yemen
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how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?
Posted: 25 Mar 2011 at 13:52 GMT
my golden basics in this issue is : IT IS NOT ABOUT ART, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEART,
it is not about being a professional photographer, or having a good gear, it is about how to close the deal and hit the sales target,
how to display the product and market! (I feel like I'm a rapper .. ha ha ha ! )

will, although I'm a publisher (a beta tester in adobe indesign CS5 ME) and my main business is books and have nothing to do with photography;
I faced this dilemma and I began pano-shooting since 2003 as a hobby-part time freelancing when we used quicktime, pixi and java, you all remember VRbrochure
will, today I settled on html5 and IPAD VT's.. period.

I'm willing to share my humble try and all of you feel free to judge me or my details, in my culture (I'm from Yemen) it is good to be judged ! it is consedered as personal feedback !
the goal is to come with a useful conclusion and tips for our friends here who seek money from virtual tour shooting.

let us go into details with my few years I'm facing 5 markets to mingle in
1 the real estate market
2 the fashion market.
3 the events market.
4 the charity and documentary market and some other boaring fields

in this field the client has a full pocket (land lord) / or a business mind salesman (realtor)
both are so busy the won't ask about technical issues or product support, even the idea itself, what is so important to them is how to lure the client as a prey and they are the werewolf's !
the IPAD is a must.

so, many of them did this :
1 public client approach, like putting the VT of a flat for sale in the website
2 personel client approach, so they put the VT in a mini CD with the shape of business card (rectangle cd) and deliver personally on meetings.
3 special client approach, by sending the VT in a .rar file to 100 VIP clients through email
4 exclusive client approach, by :
a taking a 17" laptop and showing the client
b taking an IPAD and showing the product indirectly (just put it on the coffee table and wait for the prey then hunt!)
c the take a laptop and plug it into a big samsung LED screen or a projector (this is really a deal closer in meeting rooms, cause the people are ready to think and invest !)
d and some take all a,b,c and wait for the right moment to catch the client in the airport, on his way to the car (like to sell a 5 million $ castle) .

a somehow example

I need to know: I'M I THE FIRST ONE TO DO THIS ?
I looked every where just to find some one who did it, just to learn from him cause it is a new approach.
my friend has a men fashion design company, he was very happy with the idea that I can put 4-8 poses in one shot, now he is preparing for a big women fashion show and he will tell all the women models to gather in 3 small rooms to make a virtual tour fashion collection 360 !!!

pssst.. (I'm just like the indian guy in the big bang theory.. I can't shoot models.. I think I'll pass !!)

please open with IPAD, IPHONE and IPOD

this is new for me, maybe I'll fulfill my knowledge from you guys, maybe there are some that are so experienced here and I'm looking forward to fix my self and learn
it seems to me that event companies are clever and so-detailed
they ask me a lot of question about the VT like it is a workshop, technical and support and uploading speed and zooming resolution.
some times the put criteria and limitations,
here is one of the missions I did and delivered in time:
listen Ahmad! you need to go into the exhibition, walk through all 12 sections and shoot VT smoothly, we don't want any trouble with conservative families or religious people or privacy nuts !
you have 15 minutes to cover all the exhibit and you will go with your 3 year old son just to camouflage !
beware there are some princes and top connection people with body guards !

will, here we go (very bad uploading speed, they needed it for a big touchscreen off-line)

I think I talked a lot, sorry, no need to talk about charity and documentary or other boring fields except that they are happy when signing the contract when I put this line
worshipping place
car sale
car interior
car exterior
wedding hall
medical center
women shop

just share your thoughts and experiments: HOW TO GAIN MONEY FROM THIS NEW ADVERTISING TOOL : THE VIRTUAL TOUR ????????

Ahmad Alkaff, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
5D MKII, Sigma 8mm, ef 200mm f4 L, 24-70 2.8 L, Manfrotto 055XPROB + Manfrotto black monopod, manfrotto 303 and NN R1 pano heads, epic gigapan pro auto-head, mac pro 8 core workstation, HD cinema display 30", macbook pro laptop quad 17".

I'm sorry for my bad english, and for the long topic, really sorry. and I know I need a lot of time to learn more and improve myself.
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Re: how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?
Posted: 25 Mar 2011 at 23:35 GMT
It's not only about the money, you also need to like doing this, at least a bit. Otherwise, it'll just be an other boring job. Not to mention it's easier to sell something if you're passionate about it, people pick this up and react accordingly.

The real estate market is notorious for low cost, low quality work and lots of competition, driving the prices down. Probably the best way to make money here is to produce virtual tours with a low profit margin, but in a very high volume. This means having a good, template based, automatic workflow.
The high end real estate virtual tour market is not that big and could be difficult to get a foothold there.

The fashion and event markets usually fail to provide constant demand. Sure, you may find interesting projects, but these are few and far between.

You didn't mention anything about the hospitality industry: hotels, restaurants, spas, etc. - this should be your target.

Do you want to make money ? Build a solid portfolio, don't ask for your services more than they worth, make yourself known ... Make the clients want YOU smile
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Chuck Spaulding

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Re: how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?
Posted: 26 Mar 2011 at 3:28 GMT
Your a little all over the map but I like the topic.

Although your pano's aren't as sharp as some I've seen on this site, its obvious you know how to produce good panorama's, so I don't see why you couldn't be commercially competitive.

I think the bigger issue is which one of these potential markets do you think you can add the most value? That question has more to do with what you know about each of these markets than your ability to shoot panoramas.

I'm in California and I recently started a company for marketing luxury real estate, I produce very high end HD video, still photography, panoramic photography and publish a website for each property. I do not offer any of these services separately. I charge a lot because I provide a valuable service. Most photographers are blown away with how much I charge.

But why can I charge more? In part because in my area luxury properties that used to sell in days or weeks are now selling in months or years. Also most of the people who purchased these estates came from within a 50 mile radius, that is no longer the case so Realtors are having to learn how to actually "Market" properties.

Most are sticking with what they know, the problem is that they don't really make more money by paying 20 or 30% less for photography and that also really doesn't help them sell properties. So I don't sell them video or panorama's I sell them outreach. I enable them to attract customers they may never meet before they make an offer.

Its a much smaller percentage of realtors who can get their heads around this concept, but I already have more work than I can possibly do.

So find a market segment that you can help solve a problem other than panoramic photography and sell that, they get the rest for free...

Also, I really enjoyed your pano's, its nice to see images of Yemen other than what we get here on the nightly news. Thanks and I hope others join into this discussion.
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Re: how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?
Posted: 26 Mar 2011 at 6:10 GMT
The real estate market is notorious for low cost
you said the right words my friend, ya right, just like this:
I've been thinking about buying one, but the resolution is so bad (now I'm making a big mistake, I'm mixing the art with business, personal with proffesional.. the hell with the technical issues.. just provide a good price and start producing mass production in short timelines, this way I can flip the realtors old-fashioned heads around).

The fashion and event markets usually fail to provide constant demand

this is so right, there are no much clients there

hospitality industry: hotels

Build a solid portfolio

can you give me a good company that can build me a nice website with good VT hosting features?
something like this
they say:

We can provide this unique service within the web browser to allow potential visitors to explore your location on their way to your location.

Although your pano's aren't as sharp as some

maybe it is because I use NN R1, there is no focus lock !
I bought manfrotto 303, but did not use it yet

I charge a lot

how about telling you my prices
I made this quicky to government's customs dept.
they were very happy they paid 1300 $ cash in advance

but in fashion I charge about 800$ per shot, cause it is a new approach

Most are sticking with what they know, Its a much smaller percentage of realtors who can get their heads around this concept
your right, this is why I'm thinking about vrstation

So find a market segment that you can help solve a problem other than panoramic photography and sell that, they get the rest for free

I made this offer to a faculty which is affiliated with utexas university
buy 4 products in the price of one
1 VT online virtual tour
2 off-line virtual tour high quality zooming + a touch screen
3 high quality (21 MP) panoramuc 180` shots (~200 MB) for canvas size gist itmes, banners, magazines, (~200cm x 50cm)
4 interactive PDF = E-brochure, that contains the VT , video footage and any mp3 and data you use.
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Doug Aurand

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Re: how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?
Posted: 26 Mar 2011 at 17:01 GMT
What you need to do to to sell virtual images as well as still photography is to show your potential customers how they can make more money by using your product.

Its that simple

I've been shooting a number of hotels by demonstrating how their sales staff can guide a meeting planner or convention organizer through the hotel's facilities over the phone and Internet.

This solves the problem of their potential customer not being in the hotel to see if the facilities fit their needs.

A hotel manager was talking to a bride-to-be about having her wedding reception at the hotel and even though the bride-to-be was in the hotel, the manager couldn't show the ballroom because there was a luncheon being served in it a the time. So she went to the tour tour of the hotel, clicked clicked on the ballroom and the full screen display and turned her computer screen around so the bride-to-be could see what the ballroom looked like set up for a wedding reception.

These are to very common problems a hotel has selling banquets and meeting space that my tours help them overcome and make more money

If you learn to think about solving your potential customer's problems and helping them make more money, you'll sell your product

Doug Aurand
Albuquerque, NM
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Location: aden, Yemen
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Re: how can I gain money from Virtual tour ?
Posted: 27 Mar 2011 at 4:36 GMT
thanks my friend
yesterday I began to put a number of packages for a mall
indeed, we need to see their problems from their eyes and begin to solve it
the mall needs a big touch screen in the entrance with a high quality virtual tour, a giga 360 panorama with small panoramas for the shops.
the shops need small vt's with good prices and free 180 photos
I have to start putting packages for hotels and restaurants like you said .
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