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Thread: Dakar rally in Argentina/Chile :-S

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Dakar rally in Argentina/Chile :-S
Posted: 2 Jan 2009 at 1:56 GMT
Wednesday I went to a presentation of the desert warriors who are going to compete the next weeks on the countrysides of Argentina and Chile.The presentation was in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Thanx to Irieman for inspiration in this topic: I used a cellphone holder attached to my belt to support the monopod. I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement, it's not so easy to keep a setup with an Agnos tcps on top level, but I'll share it with you anyway:

waiting half an hour to sit in a truck:
The heroes from Holland wink :
the introduction stage with an Argentinian motorcyclist, I forgot his name:

Unfortunately it was impossible to convince the security people of the importance of me being between the vehicles to shoot the pics sad
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