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Thread: Nikon D800 + Tokina 10-17

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Nikon D800 + Tokina 10-17
Posted: 6 Oct 2012 at 4:01 GMT
I am in Yellowstone (NOT YOSEMITE) this week.

This panorama was done with the .jpg files straight out of the camera. Absolutely no Photoshop work was done, either pre or post processing. No correction of any kind has been done. The camera is set with out-of-the-box settings. All I did was stitch the .jpg files and publish with Pano2vr. There are some slight stitching errors that will be fixed in the final version.

The reason I have posted this panorama is to show what the D800 can do with .jpg files. All of the shadows, highlights, colors, sharpening etc... will be taken care of during the RAW to .tif conversion.

The Nikon D800 + Tokina 10-17 is one very nice combination. Starting out with such good images makes creating panoramas much easier.
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