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Introducing PanoMapper - Your virtual world at your fingertips
Posted: 9 Nov 2013 at 14:02 GMT
Welcome to the First and Only Map-Based Theme for Panorama, Still and Video Photographers

PanoMapper is WordPress theme that allows for the display of panoramas, still images, slide shows, movie files and YouTube videos according to their geo-location, all accessible through place markers on a Google map. As a powerful and flexible tool, PanoMapper provides you with complete control of nearly every aspect of how your work will be displayed, allowing you to customise your presentations according to you and your customers’ needs.

Available in three versions, PanoMapper Lite, PanoMapper Pro and PanoMapper GBPro, this adaptable WordPress theme allows for the

Integration of your panoramas in our map-based theme

Import your panoramas from Google Business

Combine your own panoramas with imported business panoramas

Addition of thumbnail images as links

Categorisation of your panoramas through a customisable drop-down CSS3 menu system

Ordering of categories according to the user’s preference

Category filtering, making user-end navigation easier

Integration of information panels for each panorama when needed

Installation of custom place markers

Complete control of the theme’s styling, including CSS3 gradients for backgrounds, menus and dropdowns

Repositioning of map control as needed

Setting of map coordinates and zoom settings

Placing of up to four logos on screen

Use of your own language

Customisation of individual viewing windows

Use of other media such as still images, Vimeo and YouTube video

Perfect for any wanting to display panoramas according to where they were taken, ideal for real-estate websites, centres of tourism, professional and amateur photographers need no longer rely on difficult and time-consuming Google Maps programming. With PanoMapper, the world is at your finger tips.

For more information and a test drive, please visit

The PanoMapper Team
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