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Thread: FS: Adjust Giga Pano Head

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Dave Davis

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Location: Johns Island, United States
Registered: 28 Apr 2011
FS: Adjust Giga Pano Head
Posted: 11 Apr 2012 at 4:46 GMT
updated: 11 Apr 2012 at 4:51 GMT
Selling my Giga Pano head I used to create little planets. Its the Easiest pano head on the market to setup.
Examples below

Also here is a link to where you can buy it in USA brand new its $1100.

Shoot me over reasonable offers please.
Feel free to call or email me. Info below

Ultimate in high-res giga pixel imaging.
Compatible with ALL current DSLRs.
Including 1D/s/MK1/MK2/MK3 and D2/D3 bodies.
Pin registered mounting plates for D80/D200/300, S5Pro, 350D, 400/450D and 5D.
Multi-row and full spherical compatible
Compatible with larger lenses like the Nikon 14-24 and Nikon 24-70.
Built-in vertical detent stops every 5º, 10º or 15º.
Compatible with 300mm lenses on fullframe and 200mm on DX and APSC sensors .
Only purpose built manual giga pixel panohead.
Multi-track high-res detent system. Max 108 horizontal stops.
Settings available for over 400 camera and lens combinations.
The new 360Precision Adjuste Giga was purpose built to cater for the growing craze in ultra high-resolution gigapixel images. The Adjuste Giga features a simply to use triple plunger set-up to allow locked in detent stops every 5º, 10º or 15º. The plunger set-up allows 100% repeatable vertical shooting positions. Other panoramic heads use manual tightening knobs that lack the precision needed making it very difficult to guarantee accuary when shooting giga pixel images.

When shooting high-resolution panoramic images it's critcal that the detent stops are accurate and repeatable. A 1º error can leave you with too little overlap, wasting hour and hours of shooting time. When you need to rely on your panoramic head then the Adjuste Giga is your only option.

The unique three plunger system is the only locking system that allows vertical detents as small as 5º. Plunger 2 and 3 can be locked out to allow standard operation with vertical stops at 15º. You can then choose to lock in both plunger 2 and 3 for stops every 5º or alternated every 2nd plunger for stops every 10º.
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Dave Davis

Posts: 3
Location: Johns Island, United States
Registered: 28 Apr 2011
Re: FS: Adjust Giga Pano Head
Posted: 29 Apr 2012 at 3:53 GMT

Price drop

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