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Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD Discount: Buy with Coupon

Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD discount

Enjoy nice Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD discount. The reduced price will be automatically included when you click on the XPPD link.

PowerPoint is a useful tool that we use if we want to present something to a group of people. It allows us to present the findings, facts and beliefs via pictures, statistical charts, colourful texts. It aids to bring out a very good visual presentation which is very soothing to the eyes of the people reading it. Apart from professional use, it can also be used to create a slideshow of pictures or any sort of personal documentation. This whole scheme of presentation can be taken one step further through the help of PowerPoint to DVD software.

Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD Review

Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD is a special tool that converts all sorts of PowerPoint file formats into DVD format, so it can be replayed in a DVD player. Please purchase XPPD with the discount coupon. The Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD coupon will be really helpful.

In addition to converting the PowerPoint file into a DVD format, this tool enables the user to add background music, background pictures, pre recorded commentary to the PowerPoint slides. The user can also add watermarks to the slides to ensure that the particular PowerPoint file is copyrighted. Moreover Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD allows the user to create menus, pop ups, menu templates, layouts etch. The user can also modify or edit the style of the menu and layouts as per their preference.

Features of the Tool

This gives a whole new dimension of visual effects to the slides. It should also be noted that any kind of music, picture, video, texts, audio messages, watermarks, layout designs etch can be edited to the user’s preference. For example, the user can set the position of the watermark that is to be placed on the slides, the transparency of the watermark can also be changed, the watermark can also be rotated and resized. Separate background music can also be set for each slide if the user wants to. The video aspect ratio can be set according the output TV resolution. It also converts all types PowerPoint files like ppt, pps, pptm, ppsm, potx, potm and pot to almost all DVD formats.

The downside of Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD software is that, DVD is not widely used nowadays. Technologies have advanced so much in the last decade, that nowadays you can create your own documentary/slides/movies in your phone. Those files can easily be transferred from one device to another via WiFi or Bluetooth or through the internet. Videos can now be casted on TV seamlessly. So the use of DVD systems has ceased.

XPPD Pricing and Discount

Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD has two versions. One for personal/home use, the other for professional/business use. The personal version costs around $59.95 and the business version costs around $99.95 without the discount. The software is also available for multiple languages including Russian, French German, Italian, Chinese and many more.

In conclusion, please have XPPD with the coupon offer. If the Xilisoft PowerPoint to DVD discount impressed you, then get this formidable product today.

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