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SQLAPI++ Discount: Get Coupon on the Pricing

SQLAPI++ and the Review

SQLAPI++ is considered as a C++ library. With this library, you will be able to access into multiple SQL dataset systems like SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Interbase, SQLBase, MySQL, SQLite, Informix, and PstgreSQL and so on. It applies native API systems to access into DBMS using applications. It has the capability to run the applications in a smooth and flexible way. Its interface section is very simple. That’s why; the developers can easily understand every single portion of this library. Due to having comfortable features, you can easily apply every single option. This library acts like a middleware system and it has the ability to deliver the database support as a portable way.’

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Supportive Components

The current version of SQLAPI++ supports multiple compilers of C or C++. Among of them, the developers will observe Microsoft Visual C++, GNU GCC C++ compiler, Borland C++, Solaris Studio C++ etc. While working with this, you have to follow some sequential steps. At the initial level, it connects with the database system. Here, there is the opportunity to maintain error handling task. Then, the SQL command executing method is available inside this.

Here, the users can bind out the input parameters. Then, if it is needed, you can execute any specific query and fetch all the possible data. After that, Long Binary, Blob, CLob or LongChar data can also be retrieved with this. SQLAPI is supportive with multithreading feature. Moreover, any query cancelling system is also issued as a built-in feature.


SQLAPI++ calls native API with direct mode. In this process, it finds out the targeted DBMSs. This ensures the fastest way to fetch the related data. Besides, data manipulation process is strictly handled with this library. Here, you won’t need to install OLEDB or ODBC drivers while developing any applications. Besides, at the time of distribution, you don’t need to depend on ADO.net feature. Here, the interface section is quite helpful.

That’s why; there exists no complexity to manage the available data. Besides, if you want to query any specific portion, you will observe some supportive conditions. It can cope with all the data sources. For bug fixing, SQLAPI includes some built-in feature. In fact; you will get some prepared statements to handle this task. After that, the developers can install any needed extension or API functions. For multi-threading functionality, this library is very helpful for any developer.

Pricing Condition and Discount

For Windows platform, you can purchase this license with the price of $249 without the discount. For Linux version, the pricing condition remains same. In case of purchasing this library both for Linux OS and Windows OS, you need to pay $299. For 10 developers, you have to purchase this product through the price of $598.

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