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Print2CAD Discount, Purchase With Magnificent Coupon


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For someone who creates blueprint for buildings or any type of infrastructure, movies, does a lot of editing and graphic designing, creating a virtual copy on the computer is absolutely necessary. There are several software which performs these tasks, namely, AutoCAD. These sorts of work are usually done by engineers, especially architects. The virtual image or drawing which they have drawn or created is in a format known as DWG or DXF. DWG is an abbreviation for drawing. Sometimes the users need to copy an existing image elsewhere and put it into their work. Drawing or creating a copy of the original image is very tough and time consuming.

Print2CAD Review and Features

Print2CAD is a special type of software that converts PDF or tiff files into DWG files. The advantage of this is that, usually PDF and tiff files are in 2 dimension or 3 dimension vector image formats. By converting the file formats to pdf, these images can then be edited freely in AutoCAD. The drawings can be resized, colored, rotated and modified according to user preference. You can purchase P2CAD with the discount coupon. The Print2CAD coupon is expected to be really useful.

This software basically vectorizes an image. Professionals such as architects use it to convert huge chunks of their clients’ documents (such as building plans, layouts, and designs) so that they then add and edit their own layout according to the consumers’ needs. Print2CAD also converts raster graphics into vector formats so the scanned images and logos can be imported into CAD and edited as required. It allows the user to draw colors, arcs, layers, line weights, circles etc. It also has an advanced memory control that allows the user to work with a greater number of files. The newer versions of Print2CAD also converts texts and dashed lines for use in CAD.

More Features

Apart from this, Print2CAD takes out the PDF images and converts them to jpeg or png files if necessary. It corrects polylines along with the ability to merge and purge. Apart from having very high precision in DXF and DWG coordinates, it also enables the user to rotate and perform scaling on these two format of coordinates. RGB colors of DWG and DXF files can also be converted. Print2CAD is available in 5 languages including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The software can only be used by professional users. Sometimes the conversion is not successful i.e. the output quality of the converted image is bad. Pint2CAD needs a PC with good specification to run as it uses a lot of memory for processing.  Conversion time is sometimes very slow. No version of Print2CAD is available for MAC users.

P2CAD Pricing and Discount

Print2CAD is available for purchase in 3 different editions. The professional edition costs US$199 with one license, one unlimited subscription and unlimited license transfer. The Enterprise edition costs US$US$298 excluding the discount with two parallel activations for home and office use. The Network and Terminal Server version costs US$419 for 1 floating license, US$628 for 2 floating licenses, US$817 for 3 floating licenses, US$986 for 4 floating licenses and US$1135 for 5 floating licenses.

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