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PadiAct Discount, Get Amazing Coupon in 2017

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10% Cashback on any PadiAct Plan

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Review and Features of PadiAct

Creating email leads are very much essential. These leads can be made from the website visitors. But for doing so, you have to use efficient email lead generation solution. There are different products which can do this task. One of those solutions is PadiAct which is liked by so many marketers and business owners. This solution is very easy to use and it is very powerful too. All important features of this have been mentioned in this review. You can purchase PadiAct with the discount coupon. This PadiAct coupon will let you save some good money on this tool. Let’s have a look at those:

Four Step Process

Working procedure of PadiAct is very easy but powerful. When you will run any email campaign, it is not effective to ask all the visitors. That will make them disturbed. Instead, it is more effective to target right visitors. This software will do this task very efficiently. It finds out target visitors by tracking their number of visits, time spend per visit, products of their interest, and other things. That is why, your list will be comparatively small but more effective. Similarly, every information of visitors or subscribers will not be necessary.

PadiAct will let you decide the type of information needed. In some cases, only email address will work. And sometimes, some other information may be needed. After these two steps, this solution will allow to send subscription request to visitors. Popup style interaction can be made for doing so. And after this, this software will track subscription rate so that you can judge the performance of the campaign.

Multiple Pricing Plans and Discount on PA

With tons of features, PadiAct can attract customers with its amazing pricing. Depending on the number of subscribers, you can choose any of its 5 available plans. Free Plan of this product can deal with only 50 subscribers. But in case of Basic License of this solution, you just have to pay $25 per month. This one allows to deal with up to 300 subscribers. Multiple campaigns can be run by this software. But if AB testing facility is required, Pro License is a good option.

It can be enjoyed by paying only $49 per month excluding the discount and it is for dealing with up to one thousand subscribers. PadiAct Elite is for maximum 3000 subscriptions. You can get this by paying 99 USD per month. Premium Plan of this product has come with 10 thousand subscription facility. Price of this license is 159 USD per month. After getting one plan, you can easily upgrade higher one anytime.

Easy Message Customization

There are many email list enhancing solutions which can make target people. But those are not useful for customization of messages. Due to this problem, huge number of email leads can be lost. PadiAct has a very effective message customization system. For each segment of traffic, you will be allowed to customize the message. After collecting subscribers, this solution will let you drive them to your CRM. Even those can be sent directly to email service providers like MailChimp. PadiAct offers an effective AB testing system to find out most converting messages.

So, have this tool to get email leads and subscribers by using the coupon offer. For any more inquiries on the PadiAct discount, please contact us.

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