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Nuance OmniPage Discount: Special Coupon and Pricing

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76% off Nuance OmniPage Ultimate

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Nuance OmniPage

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Review and Features of Nuance OmniPage

Sometimes, we need to retype entire document because that is not editable. And for doing that, huge time should be spent. Instead of that, optical character recognition software can be used. Such software can convert any kind of non-editable scanned paper and PDF file into fully editable file. Some companies are there to provide this kind of software. One of those is Nuance Communications Ltd. It offers Nuance OmniPage which is very powerful optical character recognition solution. You can use this for turning any kind of papers into electronic files. Besides, we have made purchasing NOP much easier by bringing up the discount coupon. Avail this Nuance OmniPage coupon today. Let’s know about some main features of this product:

Some Basic Features

Standard edition of Nuance OmniPage has come with many important features. It offers very powerful OCR technology to deal with all kinds of scanned documents, PDF files, and images. From those files, it is possible to create searchable PDF files as many as you need. Sometimes, some tools cannot convert every type of content of targeted documents. But this software is capable of converting every type of contents including texts, bullets, tables, and images. It also supports various output formats including PDF, Word, and HTML etc. Nuance OmniPage Standard does not offer any kind of language barrier. Content of more than 120 different languages can be converted by this product very efficiently. You can use various types of scanners and even digital cameras to capture documents. And then this software will help you to make those editable.

Powerful Ultimate Edition

Some additional facilities are available with the Nuance OmniPage Ultimate. This product has very powerful 3D correction facility. This is why, conversion on the go is possible by it. Another impressive feature of this product is the audio output facility. For this feature, this tool can efficiently provide audio file of any document. That file will be provided in mp3 format. That is why, you can easily use store those in any kind of devices. The Ultimate edition of Nuance OmniPage is capable of converting all kinds of files more efficiently. Not a single element of any file will be destroyed during the conversion process. It has completely intuitive LaunchPad to provide a good environment for conversion.

Affordable Pricing Options and Discount on NOP

For purchasing the Standard Edition of Nuance Omnipage, you just have to pay $149.99 as per this post creating date. Compared to this one, the Ultimate edition is more productive tool. It offers more efficient conversion. That is why, you have to pay more for this one. Current cost of this product is only $499.99 without the discount which is reasonable. Similarly, you can also use this software on your network. In that case, Nuance OmniPage Server should be purchased. Price of this product has been started from 2,000 USD. So you can purchase any of these to edit, convert, and organize a huge number of documents.

In conclusion, please purchase this cool application designed for optical character recognition with our coupon. For any more inquiries on the Nuance OmniPage discount, please contact us.

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