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NetVizor Network Surveillance Coupon, Get Discount and Pricing

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NetVizor Network Surveillance Reviews

While maintaining any organization; you have to concern about the productivity of available employees. If you want to handle this task through a manual way, then there remains a huge complexity. To eliminate this problem, NetVizor is a helping hand for any user. This is considered as an employee monitoring tool. It tracks down the activities of available employees. Besides, their performance, schedule based working task can be observed with this tool. You can set up this product in every PC of available employee. After that, the working activities of every employee can easily be tracked from a remote place. Get NetVizor Network Surveillance at cheaper price with our coupon offer. Simply follow the above mentioned instruction and enjoy the NetVizor discount.

Why This Monitoring Tool?

In most cases, you need to worry about the activities of available staffs. But NetVizor is very helpful to remove this problem. It provides a detailed info about the employees. From this tool, you will be able to know if the employees are working properly or not. After that, if you want to block any social media site or adult site, then this can be enabled with this tool. This monitoring tool is highly appreciated by the professional users. Even, if you try, then you can block any specific site or news sites that violate the conditions. Moreover, chat services, games and music store can easily be restricted with NetVizor. You can observe every single activity with a structural format.

Activity Monitoring

NetVizor is rapidly used in the organizational section. Besides, you can use this for your children also. This tool contains the needed functionalities to track down every single term from any PC. Not only the internet browsing related info, but also the application using info can be gained through this. To maintain this task, it allows real time monitoring facility. You can combine all the needed workstations under a single network. Then, from a remote place you can check out the employee’s activity. To assure real time monitoring feature, it offers auto refreshing features. This feature tracks down the moment when any mouse hover occurs or event fires.

If any user opens any video file or audio file, then you can easily track that. In fact; it affords real time desktop previewing facility from a remote PC. After that, users can ask for screenshot capturing after a fixed amount of time. You can enable this process with auto scheduler.

Pricing Condition and Coupon

To connect 5 PCs, you need to pay only $295. In case of connecting 10 computers, NetVizor asks $495 without the coupon. For small business firm, you can purchase the license for 25 PCs. This package is available with the price of $895. To manage 50 computers, you need to pay $1,095. If you want to connect 1,000 PCs, then you need to pay only $4,995.

For any more inquiries on the NetVizor coupon, please feel free to contact us. We hope that you will love the discount on NetVizor Network Surveillance.

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