Jet Profiler Coupon: Get Discount on Jet Profiler for MySQL screenshot
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Jet Profiler Coupon: Get Discount on Jet Profiler for MySQL

Jet Profiler Coupon

Get purchase with Jet Profiler for MySQL coupon. Have discount coupon on this JP tool.

Jet Profiler for MySQL Reviews

Jet Profiler is an exclusive product for MySQL database server for obtaining the profiling activities under various queries, tables, etc. It is used to preview the performance of specified and essential query.  It diagnosis the performance of the most used tables, users and other database activities.

So when we discuss about the discount, the features and the activities of Jet Profiler are:

Performance under various fields on Database system: It mainly provides the priority on the queries, tables as well as the user’s activities. It gives the information about the system to fix out the performance in the code. Under this section, you can define the most used queries, tables and the busiest users. If you like to buy with Jet Profiler for MySQL coupon, then get purchase with the discount.

Presentation Format

You can collect the data in a systematic way by Jet Profiler. Besides, it also ensures the system to analyze and previewing them in a graphical view or chart diagram. This graphical format affords the system to fix out the effective data as well as the users.

The exceptional and effective components of Jet Profiler for MySQL are:

Commands of MySQL

Show The previewing way on Process list: This command is mainly used for showing the snapshot under MySQL server. In this area, various instructions are displayed in a single thread. Such as: Query, username, source IP, time processing etc.

Displaying the Tables: To view the most used tables in database, this command line is very effective. It allows the users to view the interaction of various joining operations.

Top users and tables: The screenshot system provided by Jet Profiler shows the systematic way to compare the activities of the most used tables & users. This system is defined by using a pie diagram or other graphical presentation layer.

Top Queries: User can view the most used queries on the server by using this. Besides the states of the database system are displayed in Jet Profiler for MySQL.

Moreover, simple using process with a flexible interface, slow queries, multiple instances, server metrics and multiple languages are also supported by Jet Profiler.

There is Jet Profiler for MySQL discount available. This coupon provides on purchase of Professional and Enterprise license.

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Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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All the screen recorder tools cannot be considered as equal. Most of those can record the desktop screen activities only. But there are some tools which have some additional features. These features have made those products highly recommendable. Like all the other products of Apowersoft brand, Screen Recorder Pro has come with some advanced features.

Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro Review

It also has very much flexible pricing plans. So you if you are looking for software which can act as advanced screen recording tool, it can be recommended. Here are some reasons which this software may be liked.

Multiple Recording Techniques

This is not like those products which only has default recording modes. It has plenty of those and that is why it can be used for various tasks. First of all, it has the full screen capturing option. It is understandable that it can be used for recording the activities on the entire screen. Around Mouse Mode is one of the unique features of Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. By this mode, this software can follow the mouse for the capturing task. The Select Window mode is another impressive one. Only the selected window activities will be captured by this. Custom Area Mode is that what I feel is most effective. It will let you select any area of the computer screen for recording.

Some Advanced Features

Scheduled task completion capability is an advanced feature of the Screen Recorder Pro. This product also can record the webinars. So you will be able to watch the paid webinars later. Similarly, any kind of live streaming can also be saved by this software. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro has built-in screencast editor. Even a professional quality video editor has been included in this. You can edit any kind of recorded videos with this powerful editor.

Affordable Pricing Options

By purchasing any of the different licenses, you can enjoy the Screen Recorder Pro of the Apowersoft brand. Personal and Commercial licenses can be enjoyed by paying one-time fees. As per October 9, 2015, the price of the Personal License of this product is only $39.95. On the other hand, that of the Commercial License is only $99.95. This product can also be enjoyed by buying any of the available packages. Perhaps the most attractive one is the All Apowersoft Software Subscription pack. All the products of this company including the Screen Recorder Pro can be enjoyed by paying $59.95/year. You can purchase this product with the Streaming Audio Recorder. The personal license of this pack is available for $49.95. On the other hand, you have to pay $129.95 for the commercial license of this. Similarly, it can also be purchased as a package which includes the Video Download Capture. Personal and Commercial licenses of this package can be purchased by $49.95 and $129.95 respectively. For all of these products and packages, you will get 30 days money back guarantee.

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