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IVM Answering Attendant Discount and Coupon on the Purchase

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15% Cashback on IVM Answering Attendant

Buy any license of Answering Attendant flat 15% cashback. Please see the IVM Answering Attendant image for details.

Buy with the IVM Answering Attendant discount for different license. Get coupon on the NCH Software tool.

IVM Answering Attendant Review

To manage the incoming call, many third party tools are available in the market. IVM Answering Attendant is a perfect one solution among all of them. With the tool, the users will be able to reach the desired parties while using no operator assistance. It assures the users to redirect the needed calls after the office hours. Even it is managed during the call time. After that, you can handle transferring process of the needed incoming call with this. In case of displaying the caller ID, it allows all the needed support. After many types of call management systems can be controlled through this. With the provided IVM Answering Attendant coupon, you will basically get some price off promo on the purchase.

Why Users Support This

All types of business firms depend on this software platform because of its outstanding features. The companies, who need to manage numerous telephone lines, can use this tool. It can easily support up to 64 lines in a simultaneous way. It is able to support voicemail boxes in an automatic way. After the office time, this can be activated while configuring various formats. Here, the available messages can be saved in WAV format. It approves the users to design any type of voice response protocol with the pre-recorded messages. In this case, the pre-recorded messages can be uploaded from any external source. It also offers a free library having voice greeting. Moreover, the users will observe text to speech conversion process as a built-in feature.

Active Features and Facilities

IVM Answering Attendant is a complete solution for controlling the voice response, voicemail, autodial telephone system and so on. This is highly supportive for any type of business firm. This software tool can be applied in various ways to assure the needed support to the customers. Here, the users can play any menu for the available callers by depending on the incoming calls. Any type of call can be redirected during office time or after the office hours. To set up the voicemail boxes, it assures no limitations.

Additional Features: The caller ID can be tracked in through this product. Besides, you can enable call transferring system in a secured way. All the incoming messages can be saved with the active features of this. In fact; to save the messages, you can rely on wav file format. Then, it allows many free plug-in. Besides, at any time, the admin users can open any file and process the needed data. But this process is controlled here with high security condition.

Pricing Level and Discount

To get IVM Answering Attendant for a small business solution, you need to pay only $69.95 without discount. For getting the Professional license of this, only $259 is needed. By paying $639.99, you will get Enterprise version.

The IVM Answering Attendant discount provides the price off on the purchase, so get benefit of this coupon for NCH Software tool.

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