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Image to PDF OCR Compressor Discount: Get Coupon on Pricing

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20% off Image to PDF OCR Compressor

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Image to PDF OCR Compressor Review

With Image to PDF OCR Compressor, the users can easily convert any image file into pdf format. This acts as a Windows application system. It can support almost all types of image formats like JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG, etc. After taking any image file as input file, it converts them into PDF format in a quick way. It has the capability of supporting despeckle and skew-correction functionality for black and white image documents. It has no dependency on Adobe reader and Adobe Acrobat applications.

So having 20% off coupon basically saves nearly $400 on the discount.

Why This Conversion Tool

For the Windows users, Image to PDF OCR Compressor is a helpful one solution. It can support more than 12 image formats. So, if you have an image file from rare case, then you won’t need to be worried. To convert any image file into PDF file, it affords all the powerful techniques. Due to having this condition, the quality of the output file remains same after the conversion process. The conversion process is very fast. Besides, it can convert multiple files at a time. This means that, bulk conversion is available within this. It assures a unique way to compose any electronic book. To scan any image file and publish it into a pdf format, this is highly convenient.

Basic Features of This Product

To use Image to PDF OCR Compressor, you have to apply command line. In fact; you can apply the command line through a manual way or a scripting method. During the conversion criteria, you will observe a wide range of features.

Advanced Features: Image to PDF OCR Compressor is compatible almost for all Windows OS versions. Besides, it has no dependency on 32 bit or 64 bit system. It doesn’t ask the product of Adobe or Acrobat. While managing your personal task or professional task, you may need to combine more than single image file. In that case, this conversion tool is very helpful. You just need to mention the directories of input files. It has the capability to combine more than a single directory as well as the image files. After that, it applies OCR technology to detect all the available contents.

If any image exists inside the content, then this can also be scanned by this tool. In fact; during this activity, you can add or remove any specific content portion. Besides, the layout portion, color effect and addition term can easily be detected by this product. For assuring better security of output file, it can enable password encryption. Moreover, it can insert or append any image file inside any pdf file.

Pricing Condition and Discount

You can use the trial version of this product for a limited time. To purchase the full license, you have to pay only $1995. But with discount, the price for this software is $400 nearly off.

So having Image to PDF OCR Compressor discount provides the exclusive savings with the promo.

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