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ICurator Pro Discount: Get Promo on Pro and with Brander

Buy with ICurator Pro coupon on the purchase. Have discount for the iCPro tool.

A Short Review of iCurator Pro

Before or after releasing main product, it is very important to draw attention from the potential customers. Many professionals and companies offer info products for promoting original ones. But this task is not very simple. You will need top quality software for completing this task perfectly. I can suggest you the iCurator Pro for this task. It is perfect for various types of professionals, including product creators, affiliate marketers, and others. This software is very much helpful for ensuring more sales in quick time. Better connection with the potential customers can also be done with this. Here are some main features of this software:

Control over Products

There are so many courses about the processes of creating products. But iCurator Pro is well ahead of those. This is the software which can actually create dashboard based info products which are easily downloadable. You will have total power to select how many buttons will be there on the products. Some of those buttons can be locked with strong passwords. Only few users may be allowed to access those buttons. Sometimes, you can also apply transparent buttons. iCurator Pro version 3 has come with some additional features. This software is helpful for earning money. It allows the creators to add some ads or banners to their products. By this manner, they can earn huge money from online.

Multiple License Pricing and Discount

Two different editions of this powerful software are available. iCurator Pro can be suggested if you just want to create dashboard products. As of 21 January 2017, without the discount, price of this software is only $197. But sometimes, it can be necessary to create and sell the rebrandable products. In those cases, iCurator Pro with Brander should be purchased. For this advanced solution, only $297 should be paid. That means, both of these editions are available with attractive pricing. There is no risk of purchasing this software because 100% money back guarantee is available with this.

Go Beyond Limit

iCurator Pro can be used to generate as many outputs as you need. That means, you can use this solution to promote unlimited products. For generating profitable list, this software is truly effective. It allows to add optional registration system to created software. So the users have to insert their email addresses and other information to complete registration.

And at the same time, huge list of actual email addresses can be found. It can add such buttons which can open other programs from the user’s computer. Suppose, a web or video button is provided. That will automatically open default browser or media player from user computers. iCurator Pro also provides built in web browser which is very much secured. If you want to hide some addresses from users, this browser will be helpful.

There is ICurator Pro discount available on your every purchase. Have coupon for the Brander license as well.

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PerfectUpdater Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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Outdated drivers are one of the main reasons for the decreasing performance of the computer. You can manually update the driver or do that with the help of software. The PerfectUpdater can be chosen for this task.

PerfectUpdater Review

It is not difficult to find out the driver updater solution. Various software companies are providing such. But the Raxco Software is offering the PerfectUpdater with all the basic and necessary advanced features. From the computer expert to a new user will be able to handle this one. Like all the other products of the same brand, this one is also available for a very much attractive price. To get this for a single device, you have to pay only $19.99. On the other hand, the home license of this is available for $39.99 only. These prices are completely reasonable that can be understood after considering the following features:

Secured Updating System

There can be so many software which can deal with the drivers of the known devices. But the PerfectUpdater is one of the unique products which can also consider the unknown devices. For solving the hardware conflicts, this feature is very much important. During the operations, no major problems will arise. Even the BSOD problem will also be solved by this software. Another important thing is to get those items which are truly offered by the manufacturers. This product will also consider this issue. So you can be sure that the updated items you get are safe and virus free.

Top Quality Backup

Sometimes the updated drivers may not suit your device. Yes, it actually happens sometimes. Then what will you do? You may think that when the PerfectUpdater will make drivers up to date, then the previous versions will be deleted. But actually, the previous one will be backed by this amazing solution. So if necessary, you will be able to get back to the suitable ones anytime. This feature actually resolves the damaged installation process. Another important feature is the driver exclusion option. If you do not want to make any drivers updated, you can add those to the exclusion list. The PerfectUpdater of Raxco will ignore those items during the operations.

Scheduling and Compatibility

Various powerful features have made the Raxco PerfectUpdater an efficient one. Advanced scheduling facility is one of those. The scanning of the outdated drivers can be done automatically by this software. So you don’t have to worry about manual checking for making those up to date. Just make the schedule and forget about scanning. You may love to work with the latest or the oldest edition of the Windows operating system. The PerfectUpdater is compatible with all of those. Essential thing is, it is suitable for both the 32 bit and 64 bit systems.

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