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Genie Timeline Professional Coupon: Timeline Home Discount 2017

Genie Timeline Professional

Enjoy excellent Genie Timeline Professional coupon as cash back. Please look at the Genie Timeline Home image.

Genie Timeline Pro and the Review

In our professional life, we have to deal with a lot of sensitive data. To keep them secure, we need to assure the effective backup procedure. To handle the data backup process in a systematic way, Genie timeline professional is a reliable platform for any user. This is suitable for the Windows platform. It affords the quick backup process of the needed data in any reliable storage section. With this, you can handle real time data backup process with the support of automatic report. Please get GTP with the coupon offer. Enjoy the Genie Timeline Professional discount following the GTP image procedure.

Powerful Conditions inside This

Genie timeline pro allows only three simple steps to configure the data backup procedure. At the first level, you will have to select the backup drive. Then, you need to select the corresponding data that are needed to backup. The final step is very crucial. In this step, the users will be asked to set up the backup options. In fact; the users can enable schedule based backup system or real time backup process. Inside scheduling condition, you can set the timer. So, the available data will be saved in the destination drive in an automatic way. Here, you can choose cloud drive as a backup drive. Moreover, if any user wants, then s/he can ask for the backup system at any time.

Supportive Features Offered

Genie Timeline Professional contains the ability to handle automatic backup system. Due to having this support, the new data that are not available in the backup drive, will be prepared for being stored. So, the users won’t need to find out the new files in a manual process. It can backup almost all types of files like document file, videos, music, exe files and so on. Then, if you want, you can also backup the needed files by depending on file format or extension. It keeps the track about the existing data. By depending on this it manages proper synchronization among the local drive and backup drive.

Additional Facilities

To protect the mobile data, Genie Timeline Professional allows an active option. It manages quick synchronization process among the mobile devices and the PC. After completing the backup process, the users will be able to view them as encrypted form or native form. To encrypt the backup data, it allows 256-AES based encryption method. So, there is no chance of losing any file by the attack of threats or their party users. Besides, this process is very fast and smooth for any user.

Pricing Condition and Coupon on GTP

To get a single license of this, you need to pay only $59.95 excluding the coupon. In case of getting 3 packs at a time, only $89.95 is needed. For purchasing 5 licenses at a time, only $149.95 is needed.

In conclusion, the discount on Genie Timeline Home also will be a good deal for you. Grab this Genie Timeline Professional coupon enjoy the cool features at a cheaper price.

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Spector CNE Investigator Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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Employee monitoring is a very important task to marinating good productivity of any kind of business. For this purpose, you can use several types of monitoring software provided by different countries. But Spector CNE Investigator can offer more features than those tools.

Spector CNE Investigator Review

All the products of the SpectorSoftware Company are related to the monitoring and spying activities. This one is also related to those tasks. But you can consider this very powerful, fast and efficient. Actually, it will let you watch details of all the activities done by your workers. That is why it is being said that investigator tool. I have tried to write here a short note about this amazing tool with all the necessary features.

Monitoring of all Activities

Browser history tracking is not the most effective way to monitor what anyone does the internet. That is why the Spector CNE Investigator has complete Web Activity Checker. This tool will offer you all the data that you may look for. You can know the number of times a website has been visited by any employee. Similarly, the time duration for which he has stayed on every site will also be tracked. You can also know the time of the last visit. The Email Activity checker tool of the CNE Investigator is also very much efficient. It can deal with the email accounts of corporate platforms as well as the webmail services. Both side conversations will be recorded by this software. Even it can collect the data from the encrypted messages. It has the IM activity tracker tool with which it can record the conversation through Facebook, Google+ and Skype etc.

Document Tracking Facility

One of the biggest advantages of the CNE Investigator is it can track the documents which have been shared. No matter those have been downloaded or uploaded, you will be able to track those with this software. For doing so, it can deal with all the well-known file transfer protocols. In your business, several applications can be needed. This software will monitor those and the activities done using those apps will also be tracked. So you will be able to know who is working and who have just opened the app and are doing nothing.

Efficient Screen Playback

You may know about the software which can take the snapshot of any the computer screen. The CNE Investigator of SpectorSoft also has this capability. This product can take the screenshot of the targeted device in a repeated fashion. You can set the frequency of capturing by time or by the event. For example, you can set the screenshot capturing on for the launching of the web browser. The unit price of the Endpoint license of this software is only $99.95 according to 24 May 2015. You can also purchase it for 60 days or 90 days validity. If still, hesitation comes to your mind, you can request the demo version of the Spector CNE Investigator.

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