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Express Delegate Discount: Get Coupon on the Pricing

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Express Delegate Dictation Transcription System Review

To handle the dictation workflow, this tool is a perfect one for any business firm. With this product, the users will be able to manage multiple dictations at a time. This acts as an app and it has been developed by NCH dictation.  The task of managing the dictation workflow can be controlled by this. Several recording processes can be managed through this app. Here, the app assigns the needed activities by typing pools. By using a flexible web interface, you can control your dictation jobs. It is able to configure 5 user accounts at a time.

Summary on This

Express Delegate Dictation Transcription System affords all the needed conditions to organize the dictation jobs. Here, the available jobs can easily be sorted by depending on age, duration priority and other effects. Here, the managers can add the needed details under any job. Besides, they can also edit the status and upload the needed transcriptions in the interface section. Due to having this feature, speakers can download down quite simply. For accessing into web management section, it asks only three levels. These are: manager, speaker and the typist. Here, the available typists can be assigned in a single pool or multiple pools. After that, you can set multiple roles for the speakers and the tags. The typist can also retrieve any new dictation from the Express Scribe.

Core Features Inside This

For managing the dictation system in a smart way, Express Delegate Dictation Transcription System is very supportive. It is highly suggested for any large organization or transcription company. For managing every single task under this tool, you will observe a user friendly control panel. Inside this, the status of any job can simply be marked as assigned, unassigned or finished. After that, the managers will be able to view the dictation system at any time. Even, they can also edit the dictation details. When any file is assigned to any typist, then s/he will be notified automatically through the mailing process. Then, the typists can download the corresponding files while logging on into the web console. At any time, the manager can re-assign any job to another typing pool, if it is needed.

Express Delegate Dictation Transcription System also manages some other features having innovative conditions. Such as, you can assign multiple rules for the available tags by depending on job priority. Besides, it also includes a reporting system where all the info about the available dictations can be previewed.

Pricing Level and Discount

In case of purchasing this product for a single user, you need to pay only $39.99. For Small business package, it demands only $195. By paying $749, you can get the Enterprise edition of this.

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