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Clip Studio Paint Discount: Buy with Coupon Code in 2017

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Clip Studio Paint Review

Clip Studio Paint is considered as a painting tool for Manga platform. For animation or illustration section, this can also be applied. This tool is supported both for Windows platform and Mac OS. This tool has been developed by a Japanese company. With this product, the users can easily create any type of comics or Manga. To invigorate the artwork by using express motion, color and other effects, this is just an awesome platform. To apply the dimension while comparing with the screen tones, it allows all the needed criteria. To establish the digital art, this is highly supportive for any designer. Thus if you like to have Clip Studio Paint coupon, then buy with our offers.

Quick Summary on This

To complete the artistic activity with full controlling power, this tool is an awesome one. The users can simply sketch and scan the needed artwork in a direct way. To allow digital inking, it approves an active condition. With this term, the users will be able to ink the available drawings with the support of inking tools. In this category, a lot of advanced level options are available. To apply shadow effect in your drawings, you can use pattern brushes or other shadowing tool. Here, the users will get many effective tones as a default format. To add the focus and the speed lines, some active conditions are available inside this. Moreover, if any user wants, then s/he can drag and drop the word balloons. Even, the users can also create the text or word balloons. To add the custom color in your drawings, you will observe color palette and this has been integrated as a default condition.

Supportive Features

For the animation creating task, Clip Studio Paint is an awesome one tool. With the helpful conditions of this tool, the users will be able to add the needed objects as well as the characters with custom formats. To move the object, some creative conditions have been integrated here. Here, the artists can draw the frames and the lines. By depending on artist’s demand, the objects and their activities can be developed within this. Colouring is an important factor in any animation based project. For making comics or Manga, some built-in colors are available. The available colors can be modified with the touch of pens, brushes and other tools. In fact; the pens and the pencils under Clip Studio Paint are very active and smart too. These can be applied to add creative design. Besides, some advanced level panels are also included here.

Clip Studio Paint Pricing and Discount

The users can use the free version for getting the overview about this tool. For the premium version of Clip Studio Paint, you need to pay only $49.99 and this includes all the needed customer support.

So having Clip Studio Paint discount is going to save on the purchase. Buy with the coupon for both Pro edition and Ex edition in 2017.

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