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Ardamax Discount: Purchase with the Coupon on Pricing

Have fascinating Ardamax discount as cash back. Please see the image.

Ardamax Products and Review

Software companies are facing huge competition right now. That is why, every company is focusing on new types of tools. Ardamax is a well-known brand for only a few products. But each of those products is very necessary. It offers Tray Commander to control computer very easily. Keylogger solution of this company is recommended for monitoring any computer. And it also has Mouse Wheel Control which is a unique type of tool. The discount coupon on Ardamax will let you make the purchase much easily. This Ardamax  coupon will reduce the product price and make it much cheaper that its usual rate. Here are some main features of these products:

Tray Commander Features

A very useful product of Ardamax is Tray Commander. This product is useful for accessing multiple applications very easily. All apps are not equally used in any computer. Some of these are frequently used. This software will help you to launch those frequently used apps at a time. And for this task, you just have to give one mouse click. Similarly, the product will also let you control power options of your computer very easily. That means, it is helpful for quickly on, off, restart and hibernate computers. Tray Commander helps to open favorite webpages instantly. Opening various files, copying and pasting texts, launching control panel, and other tasks can be done with it. Opening of CD tray can be done automatically. But for closing, the manual process is required. This software of Ardamax can offer automatic CD tray closing facility.

Very Powerful Keylogger

Ardamax Keylogger 6.0 is a very powerful keylogger solution. It is very efficient spy software which can be used for monitoring different things on the target system. It is very easy to hide it from start menu, task manager and other places. That is why, user of that system will not be able to understand what is going on the background. It has effective chat recorder facility. With this one, it can easily track every key strokes made to that computer. It can take help from device microphone to record audio too. It also has a screenshot capturing facility.

Mouse Wheel Control

Another product of Ardamaxis Mouse Wheel Control. In general, we use mouse wheel only for scrolling pages. But functionality of this wheel can be increased by this product. It will let you use such wheel for controlling various apps. And rotation of that can be replaced by some other key combinations. Even modifier key can also be used for this task.

Attractive Pricing Plans and Discount

All products of Ardamax have been offered for very attractive pricing and volume discount facilities. For purchasing Tray Commander, only $14.95 should be paid for single user license. If 2-9 licenses of this software are purchased at a time, unit cost will be only $9.95 without the discount. Similarly, you can get as many licenses as necessary. As per this post creation date, 30% discount for Ardamax Keylogger is available. For this reason, single user license of this product is available only for 48.97 USD. Similarly, for purchasing Single User License of Mouse Wheel Control, only 24.95 USD should be paid. Full technical support and update facilities are available with all these software.

In conclusion, the coupon will provide you the launcher at a better price. So please have the product experience by making the purchase with the Ardamax discount.

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This includes: Ardamax Keylogger, Tray Commander, Mouse Wheel Control and any other future products if available.

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