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All Office Converter Platinum Coupon, Buy with Discount

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All Office Converter Platinum and the Review

Document file conversion is an essential one term for maintaining our daily life. This system is badly needed not only in our personal life but also in our professional life. To assure this activity in a simple way, we can rely on All Office Converter Platinum. This is considered as a professional one document file conversion tool. A lot of file formats can be supported by this conversion tool. Not only the pdf files, but also the document file, excel files, image files can be used as input format inside this tool.

Quick Summery on This

All Office Converter Platinum offers a wide range features in case of maintaining the conversion process. It is supportive with a batch wise document file conversion system. In case of converting any file into other format, the quality system is highly maintained with this product. Besides, the accuracy level is also very high. With this converter, the users can create any PDF file almost from all types of file formats. Besides, any pdf file can easily be converted in a quick way. It case of conducting the conversion process with image file, it allows all the supportive conditions and the logics. Inside Word section, it is supported with doc, docx and doc format. Besides, you can apply xls, .xlsm, .xlsx, ppt, pptm and pptc as input file or output file format.

Working Procedure and the Features

To operate this tool, you won’t need to acquire any advanced level skill. In fact; the interface section of this product is very flexible for any user. Here, you can choose any file by browsing that file specifically. Besides, you can use drag and drop format to choose any file as input file type. You can select multiple files at a time. After choosing the input files, the users will be asked to define the output file format. Here, you can control every single term for the output file type.

The most effective one term is the layout controlling activity. Besides, the text size, text font, color can also be customized while conducting the customization process. While managing the conversion procedure, the users will be able to define various output formats for a single input format. In fact; the flexible setting option assures this facility in a smart way. After that, the live preview system is also available here. Due to having this feature, you can view the changes during the customization process. This ensures an effective accuracy level.

All Office Converter Pricing and Coupon

All Office Converter Platinum offers a free trial version for a limited time. The premium version of this product includes all the needed conditions and the features. To get the premium version, you need to pay only $79.95.

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