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3DPageFlip for Office

3DPageFlip for Office and the Review

3DPageFlip for Office is considered as a professional level tool for converting the office documents into the flash document files. To turn out the Microsoft Word documents like docx, rtf and ppt file into flash page based flipping book, it allows all the essential conditions. It approves all the needed logics to handle 3D flash flipbooks. After the conversion process, the users will be able to share the document files as well as PDF files through the online system. Enjoy all features of 3DPFO with our discount coupon. The 3DPageFlip for Office coupon is expected to be really useful.

Why This Tool?

To convert the Microsoft word document files into flash page based flipping book, you will get all the needed features inside 3DPageFlip for Office. The output file created by this can easily be shared or distributed through CD. Besides, it holds the needed functionalities to create Adobe flash based eBook in a quick way. While managing the conversion process, it handles the existing functionalities over 3 dimensions. Due to having this condition, the users will feel that, they are holding the actual book.

Besides, it also allows some custom effects to control the realistic term. The whole activities are performed by depending on three active steps. The initial phase is the office file or image file import system. Then, the template selection option will be appeared. Here, a lot of built-in templates are available. The users can pick up any default template or they can also customize any specific template. The last step is the conversion process. After configuring all the needed steps, the selected doc file or pdf file can be converted into 3D book.

Active Features List inside This

To convert any Microsoft office file or pdf file into 3D page effect, 3DPageFlip for Office is a perfect one tool. To import any office file or image file, it approves all the sequential steps. Then, you will get a wide range of default templates. These templates can also be customized while using many professional level effects. There is the option of using many custom effects. Besides, you can also configure some more settings with the touch of 3DPageFlip for Office. After that, you will be asked to define the book title and layout system. By depending on your need, you can choose any type of layout. When, this term is completed, the users will be asked to set the flash buttons.

Additional Supports: 3DPageFlip for Office allows some professional level conditions for creating 3D magazines, e-catalogue etc. Here, you can choose any specific colour the Tool bar section or logo section. Moreover, you can integrate SEO functionality with this product.

Pricing Level and Discount of 3DPFO

3DPageFlip for Office offers a free trial version and it includes some limited features. For getting the full version of this, you need to pay only $99.00 excluding the discount.

In conclusion, please purchase the Office to Flash converter with the coupon. For any inquiry on the 3DPageFlip for Office discount, please contact us.

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